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Waste Not Want Not
by Judy Wolfram

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It’s August, and people are still traveling for summer vacations. I’m going to give you a few inexpensive tips to help your traveling go better.

For instance, you are driving to your destination and somebody has motion sickness. You might try other-the-counter Dramamine pills. They do not cost much, but they do work, as they make you sleepy.

Acupressure also works for motion sickness. Apply steady pressure to the middle of your wrist, about two inches from your palm. This method might work for you when you are riding roller coasters. Actually, you can buy yourself a set of acupressure wrist bands at most drug stores.

Another remedy for motion sickness is ginger. You can drink ginger ale or ginger tea, suck on a piece of crystallized ginger or Horehound drops, or pop a ginger capsule that you can find at most drug stores.

Now that we have the motion sickness out of the way, let’s work on the sunburn problems. If you forgot your sunscreen and you look like a lobster, soak in a tub of cool water with a few hands full of baking soda added. Once your skin feels cool to the touch, apply a wash cloth that has been soaked in apple cider vinegar to the burned area. Do this a few times and it will make the burn feel better. If you don’t have the vinegar on hand, you can substitute with whole milk or Greek yogurt.

Another method would be to use a pure aloe gel with a vitamin E capsule mixed in it. It feels a little sticky as it dries, but the gel really cools you.

Coconut oil also works to sooth your sunburn. Plus, it can also be used as a moisturizer, hair conditioner and lip balm. That means you have to pack fewer toiletries.

If you have trouble sleeping in a strange place, take some ear plugs and a sleep mask. The odd new noises won’t bother you. Take one of your favorite perfumes to spray your pillows. That makes you feel more at home. Also, you can eat a half of a cup of dried tart cherries an hour or two before bed time. They are full of melatonin, and you will be asleep before you know it.

I hope that I’ve helped you a little bit with inexpensive traveling tips.

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