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Waste Not Want Not
by Judy Wolfram

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Every time you listen to the news or pick up a magazine, there is always something you like that is not good for you. For instance, take coffee. I, myself, like tea, but my husband likes coffee. He drank a lot of coffee for years, until we heard that regular coffee wasn’t good for you, but decaf is okay.

So, he switched to decaf. Then, he got diabetes, and coffee doesn’t taste good anymore, because of the medicine he was taking. So, he traded coffee for tea. He still drinks coffee when we are out, but just decaf.

I was reading in a Bottom Line Home Health book that coffee is loaded with more antioxidants than any other food in the American diet. That also includes fruits and vegetables. Who knew? The best thing of all is that the antioxidants in coffee are more easily absorbed by your body.

The book also lists seven reasons why you should enjoy a great tasting cup of coffee every morning:

--Coffee can help reduce you risk of developing diabetes by 35% (according to the journal of American Medical Association).

--Coffee acts like the asthma drug, theophylline, and opens up constricted airways. They claim that it slashes asthma attacks by 28%.

--Coffee helps keep gallstones from developing. It cuts your chances of an attack by up to 40%.

--Coffee lowers your risk of aggressive prostate cancer by 60% (according to Harvard Medical School).

--Drinking at least three cups of coffee a day can reduce the risk of memory problems by 70%.

--Coffee can cut your risk of Parkinson’s disease by 58%.

--Coffee not only protects your brain from Alzheimer’s disease, it may actually stop it.

So, there you have it. Coffee can actually be good for you, according to medical research, so drink up. It’s cheaper than medicine.

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