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Waste Not Want Not
by Judy Wolfram

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It’s December. It’s cold. It’s snowy--maybe.

I know by now that you have your cards written and mailed, your Christmas shopping done, gifts wrapped, and decorations put up, but there are a few other things that you should look into.

One of them is to check your home for places that cold air can sneak into. Everyone knows that attics should be insulated. That keeps the cold up and not down on you. If you have crawl space under your house, pack in the insulation. It keeps your floors and your feet warm. Check your windows. If you don’t have storm windows, then buy storm window kits and put the plastic up on the inside. Check your doors and, if you feel cold air coming in, head for the hardware store. They will sell you just what you need to stop that.

If you have a fireplace, but don’t use it, close the damper and put a solid screen of some kind in front of it. Glass ones will do. Put baby-proof plugs in all of your outside wall sockets that have nothing plugged into them. Rolled up throw rugs across the bottoms of doors help some, as do towels on window sills on the storm side of your house.

Make sure you have insulation of some kind around your waterlines that come into the house. Check for any other places outside for openings into your house. Leave your dryer vent and hot water vents open.

Shut off any rooms that you don’t use. There is no sense in heating an unused room.

All the little things that you do to save energy and heat will add up and save you money.

I hope these suggestions may help you, and I wish all of our readers a blessed Christmas and prosperous New Year.

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