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Waste Not, Want Not
by Judy Wolfram


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Waste Not, Want Not

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This month, I am going to share some helpful kitchen hints with you.

To keep hot oil from splattering, sprinkle a little salt or flour in the pan before frying.

To prevent pasta from boiling over, place a wooden spoon or fork across the top of the pot while the pasta is boiling.

Boil all vegetables that grow above ground without a cover on the pot.

Never soak vegetables after slicing, as they will lose much of their nutritional value.

Green peppers may change the flavor of frozen casseroles. Clove, garlic and peppers have flavors that get stronger when frozen, but sage, onion and salt become more mild.

For an easy and no-mess side dish, grill vegetables along with your main meat choice.

Store dried pasta, rice (except brown rice), and whole grains in lightly covered containers, in a cool dry place. Refrigerate brown rice and freeze grains, if you won’t use them within five months.

A few drops of lemon juice added to simmering rice will keep the grains separated.

When cooking greens, add a teaspoon of sugar to the water to help vegetables retain their fresh colors.

To dress up buttered, cooked vegetables, sprinkle them with toasted sesame seeds, toasted chopped nuts, canned french-fried onions, grated cheese or slightly crushed seasoned croutons.

A little vinegar or lemon juice added to cooked potatoes before draining will make them extra white when mashed.

To avoid toughened brans or corn, add salt midway through cooking.

If your pasta sauce seems a little dry, add a few tablespoons of the pasta’s cooking water.

To prevent cheese from sticking to a cooker, spray the cooker with cooking spray before beginning.

There you are. Nothing costing a lot of money. Just some time. I hope that some of them will help you.

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