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Waste Not Want Not
by Judy Wolfram

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If you don’t use anything toxic on your yard or garden, then why use something toxic in your kitchen?

--Towels: Replace disposable paper with cellulose sponges or rags. Rinse regularly to eliminate bacteria. If you need paper towels, buy those made from chlorine-free recycled paper.

--Disinfecting: Instead of using chlorine to disinfect, reach for hydrogen peroxide. It breaks down into water and oxygen. You can use it to bleach out food stains also.

--Scouring: A thick paste of baking soda and water makes a great scouring cleanser.

--Unclogging: Remove standing water from the drain. Fill with baking soda and pour in some vinegar. After 10 minutes, flush with hot water. Alternately, fill the basin with water, stuff a wet rag in the overflow drain, and plunge with a bellows-type plunger.

--Dishwashing: Use detergent made from phosphate-free renewable ingredients, like corn and coconut oils.

--Refrigerator: Wipe out with borax, a natural mineral that is also a deodorizer. Sprinkle borax on greasy surfaces and rub with a damp sponge. Use cleansers made with citrus oil, a renewable resource extracted from fruit rinds.

--Pest control: Set boric acid traps for pests such as ants and roaches. You can make your own ant trap by buying boric acid at the drug store, using sugar, cotton balls, and small disposable plastic containers with lids; soak cotton balls in a solution of one teaspoon boric acid and six tablespoons of sugar in two cups of water; punch small holes in the lower half of the container or containers if you use more than one; put the cotton balls in the container(s) and put the lids on tight so that the bait doesn’t dry out; and place the containers where you have seen the ants coming or boring, even on the outside. The ants will carry the mild toxin back to their nest, and good-bye ants.

Now you have some inexpensive ideas for a healthy and clean kitchen. I hope it helps.

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