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This Week In History, 10-30-14


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1914, 100 years ago

The Democrats opened the campaign at Brooksville on Tuesday night. Alfred Kenney was the main speaker of the evening, speaking for an hour on the leading topics of the day. He was followed by Lee Gainer, Howard Waldo and W.H. Jackson, who spoke briefly in a very interesting manner. The house could not furnish seats for the audience and many had to stand.


The seal of official disapproval has been placed on the tuberculosis cure brought to this country in 1913 by Dr. Frederick F. Friedmann of Berlin. The announcement was made today by the U.S. public health service that conclusions of American physicians are in line with previous reports, both in this country and abroad, that refute Dr. Freidmann’s claim to the discovery of a specific cure for tuberculosis.


Editor R.L. Hamilton is attending grand lodge of A.F.& A.M. at Bluefield this week.


Harold Marshall is at Detroit now, a prospective automobile mechanic.


Words of wisdom: The man that wastes his time bragging is like an engine that uses up all its steam on the whistle.


 1964, 50 years ago

A spectacular oil well fire did considerable damage on Monday to property of Morris Oil and Gas Co. and the Airco Well Co. of Glenville.


At one time, flames from the blazing well leaped over 100 feet into the air, as the oil and gas flowed from the well, which is located on the Poling farm on the left fork of Sycamore, a few miles from Grantsville.


Grantsville volunteer firemen fought the blaze for many hours, being called out about 10 a.m. and working through most of the day. Some of the firemen returned to the fire station for additional chemicals, and it was about 5:00 in the afternoon before it was considered safe to leave for the day.


A truck from Airco Well was at the site pumping nitrogen into the well, which started to flow. Both the truck and well caught fire, and then the surrounding woods caught fire, the woods fire covering about two acres.


The truck and rig were completely destroyed in the blaze, and the sump pond where oil from the well had flowed was also ablaze, the flames leaping 20 feet or more in height.


Firemen were able to drown the flames at the well with water, and they continued to pump water from the creek to keep it under control. They also fought the brush fire, finally containing it by a ditch.


1989, 25 years ago

According to Saundra Johnson, Grantsville mayor, the town trash dump will close on Mar. 1, 1990.


Word was received of the closure date from Kim Pritchard of Dept. of Natural Resources.


Although trash hauling in the town is continuing and dumping permits remain available at the town office, town officials have been making progress toward solving the problems caused by the closing.


The mayor said, “We are going to stay in business for the benefit of the people of Grantsville and the businesses, as well as to keep secure the jobs of town employees.”


Although an increase in hauling fees is expected, Johnson hopes a customer now paying $7 would see only a $1 to $3 increase.

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