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This Week In History, 8-28-14


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1914, 100 years ago

Dr. and Mrs. A.J. Pickering of Huntington are visiting relatives here. They drove through from Huntington in an automobile.


The railroad, which is under construction from Cornwallis to Harrisville, is progressing nicely, and an effort will be made to complete it by Thanksgiving.


Fred Gainer, a popular young man of White Pine, was in town on Monday. While here, he purchased a Ford car from Jake Huffman.


Prof. Mac Barr, of this place, has been employed as principal of the Servia graded schools and has departed to take up his work there. He is one of the county’s best teachers, and his ability is recognized far and wide.


Hathaway Brothers passed through here on Monday evening with a boiler and engine that they were moving from the Hayhurst well on Leafbank to a location near Spencer, where Godfrey L. Cabot will drill for gas. The rig for the well is being built by E.B. Burrows of Pleasant Hill.


Walnut Creek Oil Co., which is operating on Rock Run, about two miles from the mouth, is building a railroad to the scene of operations, which would indicate that it intends to do a lot of work there.


We get it on good authority that Sen. Chilton has promised the postmastership at Creston to Mrs. Ernest E. Gibson, whose husband is a prominent merchant there, and that the senator has, also, promised the office at Burning Springs to a daughter of J.N. Gibson, a merchant there.



1964, 50 years ago

More than 30 men from Calhoun County have already applied for jobs in the eastern panhandle of West Virginia for the apple picking season this fall.


There is still a need for more men for this job, to pick apples in Berkeley, Jefferson and Hampshire counties of West Virginia.


The season is from about Sept. 1 to Nov. 15, and the wages will run from $10 to $20 per day. Meals will cost about fifty cents each. The pickers will work eight to ten hours per day, six days a week, during season.


Recruiting for this farm labor is being done in the state through vocational education teachers. To apply for this work, call Clyde Gibson or William Marshall.


The local teachers said they were pleased at the response so far, all coming from one story in the Chronicle several weeks ago.



1989, 25 years ago

The 30th annual Ox Roast was held Saturday at Mt. Zion Community Park. Approximately 1,000 meals were served.


Visitors enjoyed the food, listening to music and singing, and an auction in the evening.


The country fair winners were as follows:


Purple ribbon, Best of Fair, Lou Johnson.


Blue ribbons, Cindy Simers, Lou Johnson, Evan Cunningham, Fern Weaver, Anna Vannoy, Heather Weaver, Sarah and Laura Hall, Ruth Wright, Lillian Bland, Dana Gunn, Louise Estep and Blanche Whytsell.


Red ribbons, Dana Gunn, Lou Johnson, Jason Cunningham, Caitlin Weaver, Anna Vannoy and Blanche Whytsell.


White ribbons, Lou Johnson, Lois Frame, Fern Weaver, Anna Vannoy and Dana Gunn.

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