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This Week In History, 1-29-15


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1915, 100 years ago

Guy Bailey, who was formerly located here in the blacksmith shop at the foot of Main Street, was a visitor in town on Friday. We are informed that he will move to this place in the early spring and open the shop that has been closed since Coleman Peninger sold out. Bailey is an excellent citizen and a fine workman and we will be glad to see him with us again.


While pulling a string of casing from an old well on the Ayers farm near Revere on Monday afternoon, driller A.G. McIntyre of Parkersburg was the victim of a near fatal accident. A joint of six-inch casing had been taken from the well and was standing upright on the derrick floor, when in some manner, the hooks holding it became loose and fell, striking full sweep squarely on his head. He was rendered unconscious by the blow, but in a short while, was up and found alright and was able to come here on Tuesday and go by boat to Parkersburg. He fears he has received some bad head injuries.


Witnesses say that it is a miracle that he was not killed outright by the force of the blow.


Mr. and Mrs. J.K. Doyle left today at noon for Cleveland, Ohio, where he has work in the gas field being developed in that city, and where they will make their home.



 1965, 50 years ago

The opinion being expressed by some of the nation’s top foreign policy experts that it is time for the U.S. to pull out of Vietnam. This tune is the sad refrain being heard in some informed quarters after 15 years of U.S. involvement in the country.


The French first resisted the tide and lost a war. The U.S. then intervened, but in recent months it has become fairly obvious that the people of South Vietnam are not ready, or capable, of supporting a democracy such as we hope to develop upon them.


The latest South Vietnamese government is turning actively anti-American, and our present ambassador is the object of much controversy and even outright rejection by high government officials.


Officially, we are still counseling the Vietnamese to do this and that, to be good democratic boys and establish a democratic government in the pattern to which we are accustomed. The Vietnamese have shown in the past two years, during which one coup followed another, that they are presently incapable or unwilling to establish a stable democratic form of government.


1990, 25 years ago

At the Calhoun County board of education meeting, superintendent Ron Blankenship reported that Calhoun has been chosen as one of the “Top Twenty” projects by the W.Va. School Building Authority.


The superintendent recommended that the board advertise for property in the Mt. Zion area and that Gandee & Partners begin the search for a suitable site for the new Calhoun Middle/High School.


He also recommended that the board hold their February meetings at Arnoldsburg and Minnora schools in order to solicit input regarding the Comprehensive Educational Facilities Plan.


The board agreed to proceed with the recommendations.

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