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This Week In History, 11-27-14


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1914, 100 years ago


Thirty-five deaths and 918 injuries were caused by baseball during 1914, according to figures made public today by a sportswriter who kept a tabulation of the season’s records.


Of the players who died from injuries, 27 were hit by pitched balls, five were struck by bats, four were in collisions, four overexerted themselves, one was hurt sliding to a base, and one was killed in a fight.


Injuries to amateur players are classified as follows; broken limbs, 314; concussion of brain, 15; fractured skulls, 13; paralysis, 4; sprains, 57; fractures, 17; dislocations, 7; torn ligaments, 10.


Players hurt in the minor leagues number 116; American league, 69; National league, 61; Federal league, 56.


Merchant Frank Bennett of Doddrill delivered a large shipment of dressed turkeys to Parkersburg on Saturday and returned home Monday.


The Graham building in Elizabeth, which contained the printing plants of the Wirt County Journal and Elizabeth Messenger and the law offices of J.W. Martin and J.A. Somerville, was completely destroyed by fire early Tuesday morning. The contents of the building were also destroyed. The loss is estimated at about $25,000.


Hagan Barr, W.T. Wiant, S.A. Hays, W.J. Holden and R.C. Tucker have formed a company and bought the wholesale hardware business of R.L. Neal & Co. of Parkersburg. Barr will have charge of the business.


 1964, 50 years ago

There are some signs beginning to show that the people of Calhoun County are really concerned about the quality of education their children are receiving in the public schools. True, there have always been the dedicated few who have felt that things were not all they could be, but the vast majority seemed indifferent to some of the problems of the local school system, and the problems of the system in all of West Virginia.


Now, there seems to be arising a sort of “grass roots” movement, particularly among parents of students in the high school, who are becoming alarmed over the quality of education, and in particular to be alarmed about the growing shortage of competent teachers and classrooms.


The exodus of teachers from West Virginia is not surprising. The West Virginia teacher is paid $1,200 less annually that the national average. The average age of West Virginia teachers is now 50, compared with the national average of 41 years, which reflects the large loss of younger teachers. West Virginia now ranks 46th in financial support of its schools-- a drop from 38th place.


These figures on the teacher “dropout” problem are being reflected in the condition of local schools. It is becoming increasingly difficult to hire competent teachers. It’s time the parents show their concern. Whatever improvements are to be made must come from the public. Whatever is done--even if it is nothing--is also the responsibility of the public. It is also the responsibility of the school officials to provide capable leadership in solving these problems, if the educational system of West Virginia is to be improved.


1989, 25 years ago

Deer check-ins at the county’s six checking stations showed only a slight increase over last year’s reports for the first day of gun season.


As of closing, or 10 p.m. Monday, stations reported a total of 286, up from 276 last year, or a 3.6% increase. Last year’s report was down 30% from 1987’s record year of 389 reported on the first day. Last year’s kill was down 21% by the end of the first week.


Holbert’s Store, Big Bend, reported 98 check-ins, including a 10-point by Shirley Badgett. B.J.’s Grocery, Minnora, had 20 deer turned in, including a 10-pt. by Tara Laughlin. A 12-pt. by Kenny Arnold was checked in at Down’s Gun and Ammo, Arnoldsburg (which had 23 total).


Reip’s Grocery, Orma, reported two 12-pointers among 55 signed in. Junior Groves and David Summers had the honors. Hickman’s Service Center, Phillip’s Run, checked in an even 50, including several 8-points. Metz’s General Store, Five Forks, listed several 6- and 7-pointers among 40 reported.







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