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When I went to bed on Monday night, the prediction of below zero temperatures in the morning made me hope that it was a mistake. Hanging on to the covers, I covered my head to keep the warmth close to me.

In the morning, the sun came out and I remembered, “Next Monday, we will turn the calendar page and spring will be listed, just 21 more days until it is actually here!”

March winds can still be blowing and snow can be in the air, but a few days later, daffodil, jonquils and hyacinths will be bent over under several inches of snow. Then, the next day, a warm wind will melt the snow and the blossoms will perk up tall and straight and get on with their business of blooming and “smiling.”

All of this reminds me of the rebound quality that is built into nature. Maybe the blooms are here to remind us that we also have a come-back quality.

I look out the window and see the cypress tree that L.J. Morris brought back from Florida sometime in the 1930s. It is brown after a few hard months, and a few limbs are twisted and torn. It was also transplanted from its home. After many spring times, it is hard to find the damage. It is standing straight and tall.

People are also hurt, twisted and torn. Some never recover, but most do, because they are like the trees and flowers.

We have an amazing ability to survive and repair our hurts. We can also stand straight and tall, with a smile on our faces.

Let us be reminded, that through God, new life can be born out of any pain or tragedy we might experience.

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By Helen Morris:


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