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Curt Garretson Re-elected Mayor,
Helen Johnson is New Recorder

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In unofficial results, Grantsville residents cast 121 votes for candidates for mayor and 121 votes for candidates for recorder in Tuesday’s Municipal Elec-tion.

Incumbent mayor Curt Garretson received 71 votes to outdistance Graham Knight, with 37, and Jerry Fox, with 13.

Former recorder Helen Johnson returned to the office after defeating incumbent Robert Petrovsky, 80-41.

With five candidates on the ballot for council, all five were elected. Erin Barnhart led all candidates with 86 votes, followed by Judy Powell (79), Kristin Garretson (76), Dorothy McCauley (75) and Geneva Nicholson (68).

A canvas of the election will be held on Wednesday, June 19, at 5 p.m. in the town office.

The successful candidates will take office on Monday, July 1.

In previous elections:

2011: Candidates for mayor received 135 votes. Curt Garret-son edged out Robert Petrovsky, 46-44 to win, while Gary Knight had 35 and Helen Jordan received 10.

Barbara Duskey was elected recorder with 71 votes. She would later resign, and Robert Petrovsky would be selected in a special election.

Erin Barnhart led the council with 79 votes.

2009: Gary Knight (59 votes) and Helen Johnson (64 votes) ran unopposed for their respective offices of mayor and recorder.

2007: Gary Knight defeated incumbent mayor Wilbert Kerby, 85-43. Helen Johnson led all candidates with 98 write-in votes for recorder.

2005: Neil Blankenship edged Michelle Yatauro, 44-36, for mayor. Roger Propst de-feated Phyllis Maze, 48-42, for recorder.

2003: Neil Blankenship defeated Gary Knight, 88-57, for mayor, while Jane Wease received 99 votes running unopposed for recorder. Mike L. Wilson (123) and Keith Smith (116) led the candidates for council seats.


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