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Waste Not, Want Not

by Judy Wolfram


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Waste Not, Want Not

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Let’s do some “did you know” kitchen tips:

--Did you know that adding water to eggs instead of milk will make scrambled eggs fluffier? Add about one tablespoon of water for each egg being scrambled. A few drops of water added to eggs will also make them easier to beat.

--To keep milk from sticking to the pan when you heat it, rinse the pan with cold water first.

--Five parts flour and one part cornstarch makes a good pastry flour for pies.

--Pour orange juice over raisins and store covered in a cool place for several hours. The raisins will absorb the juice and you’ll have a new flavor treat for your salads, cereals, cookies or snacks.

--More juice can be squeezed from a lemon if it has been heated a little in the oven first. If the rind is to be used, grate before heating.

--If you have had eggs in your refrigerator for a while and want to beat the egg whites, add a few grains of salt.

--When baking cakes, cookies or doughnuts, and sour milk is called for, but not on hand, add about one tablespoon of vinegar to sweet canned milk. Let it stand for two or three minutes and then add it to your recipe.

--Did you know that you can make a festive garnish for vegetable or meat dishes? Use some fancy shaped mini cookie cutters to cut potato slices into different shapes. Sauté the slices in canola oil until golden brown on both sides and add to your dishes.

Hope this helps you a little. By the way, did you know that your dog can count? Don’t think so, huh? Put three dog biscuits in your pocket and only give the dog two. Good luck with that. He or she can count.

My thought for the month is that all have a blessed and glorious Easter.


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Waste Not, Want Not

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