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Waste Not, Want Not

by Judy Wolfram


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Waste Not, Want Not

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It’s obvious that I don’t or can’t know all that there is to cutting corners or saving money. So, I look through books and magazines. I found a really good garden tip by Dorene Martin of Michigan.

Buy some inexpensive medium-sized baskets at yard sales. Set them in different places around your garden and as you walk around pulling weeds drop them in the closest basket. This means that you don’t have to walk back and forth too much. You can empty each basket as it fills up.

Since the baskets are outside, the bottoms will rot out eventually. Pick them up and put them over some of your perennials in the spring while the plants are still young. As the plants grow, they will fill up the baskets and create something that you can enjoy all season long.

Some really good ideas for stalks of plants are aluminum knitting needles that come in all sizes or old umbrellas with the fabric removed. The handle and spines will hold up the wildest of plants. If you need to hold up some floppy plants, use old wire-framed lamp shades. Remove the material and place around the plants.

If you live near a wildlife or hunting area, take a walk after bow hunting season. All the arrows that you find will make great plant stakes and you’ll get some exercise too.

Inexpensive plant hangers can be made from wire coat hangers. Just cut the hook part off the hanger with wire cutters and use a pair of pliers to twist the hanger into the shape that you want. If the plant is too heavy, use two hangers. Check the weight close to the floor before you hang it up. Add a third hanger if needed.

I hope that some of these inexpensive garden tips have helped you.

My thought for the month is: Even though April showers may bring May flowers, you are the one who has to dig, plant, fertilize, prune, thin out, weed and finally enjoy.


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