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Waste Not, Want Not

by Judy Wolfram


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Waste Not, Want Not

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It’s August and we still have some hot summer weather left, so how about a few money saving tips.

If you have whole-house air conditioning or just use window units, make sure that you clean or replace your filters often. You will save in the long run. Actually you should have your unit checked by an expert in the spring before you have to turn it on.

Make sure that you set the thermostat at the temperature you want and leave it there. By turning the thermostat up and down, you just use more electric and it won’t cool your house any faster. Make sure that you close off any unused rooms and close the vents in those rooms.

If you hear any strange sounds or feel any vibrations from your unit or units, shut them off immediately and call an expert to check it. You will be cool and happy.

If you want to keep Fluffy and Fido flea and tick free, try this remedy. I used it on Troubles, my four-footed friend. She moved from the barn to the house to my lap to the bottom of my bed. I filled a spray bottle with a mixture of 1/2 water and 1/2 vinegar. I sprayed Troubles twice this summer and have not found a tick on her. She has only had one flea and that was between her eyes where I can’t spray. I read that you can also substitute mouthwash for vinegar. I haven’t tried that. Fluffy and Fido will smell like a tossed salad or a dentist’s office, but it is inexpensive and available.

Just a few summer suggestions.

My thought for the month: Teachers open the doors for you, but you must walk in and open your minds for them.


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