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Waste Not, Want Not

By Judy Wolfram


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July's Edition

It’s July, so let’s talk about Christmas. That’s right--Christmas. Everyone should be done Christmas shopping by now.

What? You’re not? You’ve had six months, what have you been doing? Well, there is that spring cleaning thing.

I know what the problem is. You like bad weather, crowds, long lines, high prices and limited quantities. And let’s not forget that December is the cold (cough, cough, sneeze, blow), really cold season.

So, are you ready? I have three words: “Shop in Grantsville.” I do, so follow me and let’s go. First stop is for furniture and appliances. It’s Pursley’s where Nancy will help you all that she can. They have very nice things in their store.

Next, we shop for the men in our lives. We go see Kelly at Kelly’s Home Source. She will help you with all kinds of tools and gadgets. Of course, there are those guys at NAPA who are always helpful with parts and things that I have no idea what they are for-- good thing they do. And last, but not least, the guys at Hardman’s are great. Tom and Vier have been putting up with me for years. They are always helpful and usually know exactly what Frank has sent me in there for. The “Blue Death” really is for the mice, Brian, honest.

Now, we come to shopping for the women in our lives. Let’s go to Family Dollar. They have lots of good stuff inside and buggy stuff outside. I love digging in that buggy. I have been driving Martha, Linda, Pam and Angie (otherwise known as the “Fantastic Four”) crazy for years, but they still help me.

Next is J&B Drug Store. They have some really pretty gifts in that store. Just ask Judy to help you and she gladly will.

Dollar General is next. Doris is always helpful to me when I am filling shoe boxes for Samaritan’s Purse, as are all of the other “gals.” Well, there is this one blonde that, when I ask “where would I be if I was . . (whatever I’m looking for), ”always replies, “Not here.” But even she is helpful and she makes me laugh. Then there was the incident with Trish and the squeaky buggy, but I have forgiven her.

Okay, are you ready Rite Aid? Here I come. I don’t think that there are two women in this world that I have hassled more that Marlene and Pat, and yet they still let me in the store. Go figure.

If you haven’t found what you want to buy yet, I have the perfect place to look next. It’s delivered to my door by a very friendly and helpful lady. Her name is Debbie Murphy, and she brings me the Avon book. I shop with her all year around. I look at great gifts with good prices in the book. She calls me, I order, she delivers my order to my door, I pay her, and another gift or two are put away to be given when needed.

Now that we have covered the town, I see some of you are still lagging behind. I will continue trying to help you next time. Hang on, and we will visit some more great gift-shopping ideas and locations. Hopefully, by then, a few of you will catch up with me on your Christmas shopping.


Let’s continue our Christmas shopping tour of Grantsville.

A group I didn’t mention in last week’s column was grandchildren. You know, those cute, sweet, little kids who grow like weeds. I have found the perfect gift for grandchildren. I just go into Calhoun Banks and get some money. The nice ladies who work there (Oops. I almost forgot . . . Hi, Bob.) are always very helpful. They even give me money envelopes. Visit the drive-thru bank too. They are just as helpful and friendly.

Money is always the right size and color, and doesn’t have to be returned. Not one of my 13 grandchildren has even complained.

Next, we’ll head to the Hometown Country Christmas in the courthouse. It is absolutely amazing. I always wait until the last minute to buy a special friend a very special gift from there, and she always loves her gift.

We can visit our two florists in town: Silks Plus and Minnich’s. They always have very pretty Christmas flowers, gifts and greenery. It’s a pleasure to enter either shop.

Another suggestion is to shop at Foodland. Go to the office and see Vonda, who will be very glad to help you purchase a gift certificate. This is a wonderful gift, something that everybody uses--food. Or, you can see Helen in the produce department and she will fix you a very nice fruit basket. You will get your money’s worth. She can also make you a vegetable platter or maybe a basket of vegetables. Stop and hay hello to Mary in the dairy. She has always been helpful when I couldn’t find something, or needed a cardboard box for something or another. Don’t leave the store without letting John carry out your purchases. He will tell you a joke and you will leave with a smile on your face.

The last suggestion I have is the icing on the cake, the cherry on top of the sundae so to speak. Go to the Calhoun Chronicle office and buy a subscription to the newspaper from Maureen. For a friend or a loved one, it’s the gift that gives all year around--and you can easily renew it next year when you wait till the last minute to shop again.

So, there you are. We now know you can find plenty of great gifts in Grantsville, but I also know that you will meet some of the most helpful, nicest people anywhere. I know that I did. I shop in Grantsville, and that means I save gas, money, and time.

Makes my day.

(Judy Wolfram is chairman of Calhoun County Solid Waste Authority, which oversees Cabot Recycling. Cabot is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week for recycling drop-offs. Those who would like to be paid for non-ferrous metals and aluminum cans need to visit Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., or Saturday, 8 a.m. to noon.)

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