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Waste Not, Want Not

By Judy Wolfram


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No, I’m not Lisa. My name is Judy Wolfram. Lisa asked me to write this week’s column for her so she can take a well-deserved vacation.

I asked her what I should write about, as I usually write about recycling and saving money in my monthly column, “Waste Not, Want Not.”

She said I could write about anything.

My husband and I will have lived in West Virginia for 12 years as of July 31. In the early 1970’s, I heard a song called, “Take Me Home Country Roads,” by John Denver. When I heard it the first time, I got a tear in my eye. I still do to this day. I know I love West Virginia; that in another life, I was born in West Virginia. I know I am a true West Virginian. Thanks, West Virginia.

Quite a few years ago, I joined the Women’s Mission at Chapel Baptist Church, Nobe. I know I have never met a greater bunch of “gals,” whom I love and respect. They taught me about “Love Gift,” Samaritan’s Purse,” and “White Cross.” I know I like contributing to these causes; it makes me feel good. These women do so much for so many. Thanks, ladies, for making me welcome in your group.

I recycled for years before we moved here, and was very upset because there was no place here to recycle. Recycling makes me feel good about myself. A miracle happened in Calhoun, and Restoration Station was born. I was so happy. When I met the dedicated, capable “chick” who was running the program, I knew I had found a good friend. This good friend had me appointed to the Solid Waste board in 2000. I have enjoyed every minute of my time on the board. I know our board is one of the best there is. I know that I feel good about helping the earth, one little piece at a time. Thanks, Solid Waste.

Most of all, I know that the first time I picked up my Calhoun Chronicle and read a column called “Reporter’s Reflections,” I was hooked. I knew I had discovered a capable, intelligent writer who would always hold my attention. Little did I know that when I wrote her a letter to tell her I enjoyed her work that I would find a friend, one who trusted me to write a column in her revered space. She recruited me to write my monthly column, which appears the first week of each month. Thanks, Lisa.

So, now you know of some of the great things in Calhoun I love. Lisa will be back next week, to which you are all probably saying in one collective voice, “Thank goodness.”

(Lisa’s Note: Judy Wolfram is a Calhoun resident who serves many with little fanfare or recognition. Her donations to the Extension office, elementary schools, Energy Express, Cabot Recycling Center, Toys for Tots, Shoe Box Project, and other organizations are often overlooked. I offered her an opportunity to write in my place to give her a chance to share her charitable efforts with our readers. She turned the idea around to congratulate and recognize others around her. Thanks to you, Judy.)

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