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Photos Posted For 4-22-10


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Scenes from the Encampment, Village
and Flea Market at Calhoun County Park

19th Virginia Cavalry, Co. A, re-enactors include, left to right, Leah Black, Colton Black, Jonathan Hornbeck, Isaiah Ray, Aaron Black and Ezra Carder.

Denny Bell is shown with the scales from Jarvis Store. He has helped his grandfather
Jim Bell many times with work at Heritage Village. He said, “I helped lug these scales around!”

Eighth grader Katie Bell and her aunt Brenda Bell of Ohio visited Heritage Village and the 19th Virginia Cavalry, Co. A, encampment at Calhoun County Park to learn more about their ancestor, Daniel Duskey, who was an Indian scout and Moccasin Ranger.

Chaplain Tim Black of the 19th Virginia Cavalry, Co. A, holds outdoor worship service.

Red Barn Willie and his friend, Chief Blackhead, welcomed visitors
to his tables of artifacts and antiques. The handcrafted chief was for sale.

Kaelyn and Maci Ireland enjoy a visit to Freed Post Office at Heritage Village.

Ty Black gives Stevens School a “thumb up.”
Another young visitor said, “You’ve got to see inside, it’s awesome.”

Saturday visitors to Heritage Park included Allison and Bryan Boggs, seven and five, respectively.

Matt Rush, 10, signs in at Stevens School.

Dominion has provided funding for a generator at Heritage Village. It is a welcomed asset
for the power tools needed in construction and upkeep of the buildings.
Former employee Jim Bell accepted the gift on behalf of Calhoun Historical Society.

Capt. Dennis Carder (left) leads new recruit Sue Milewski through maneuvers.
Women, disguised as men, served in both the Union and the Confederacy.

Left to right, Aaron Black, Ezra Carder and Leah Black often accompany their parents on re-enactments.

Trina Beall, Hagan Richards, Lynn Gilbert and Harry Beall
talk over the collection of records and tapes at the Beall’s flea market table.

Newest addition to Heritage Village is this storage shed.

Left to right, John Schneider, Ezra Carder, Lynn Gilbert, Sally Morris,
Beverly Metz, Haley Metz, Emily Metz, Tim Black and Terry Whited.
The re-enactors demonstrated the difference in guns. Shorter rifles were carried by mounted troops.

Among those attending last weekend’s Soldiers Training Encampment
at Calhoun County Park were, left to right, Tyler Craig, Sue Milewski, Steve Brown,
Dennis Carder, Katie Bell, Brenda Bell, Mike Myers, Tim Black and Terry Whited.  

Stargazer comes to Calhoun County park

Emily Rhodes, Becca Rhodes and Levi Morris examine the telescope of Michigan astronomer Brian Ottum

Levi and Sally Morris contemplate a career in astronomy.

Brian Ottum demonstrates use of equipment to, left to right,
Levi J. Morris, Scotty Robertson and Jackie and Doc Gilbert.

Annual Melissa Oshoway Easter Hunt a Success

The Steve Sams' family wearing event tee-shirts.

Amber Welch and Sue Oshoway

Ready, Set........


John and Sue Oshoway, sponsors of the event.

Historical Society's
'Calhoun County History Book 1989' Arrives

Terry Harris, Susan Barnes and Maricia Mlynek prepare the books for mailing...

and deliver them to the post office.

Spring Comes To Calhoun County

The beautiful pink dogwood tree planted at the courthouse in memory of Anna Mae Parsons.

Common violets


Magnolia tree at the end of Main Street.

Fallen Magnolia blossoms in the street after the rain

A little sparrow takes a advantage of a tree in front of the post office in Grantsville.

flowering bud from maple tree

Luna moth


Mr. snake says, "How ya doin'"


Ill scented trillium

Redbud blooming from the trunk of a tree with no limbs.


Turkey tail fungus


Fiddlehead ferns

White violet

Blue phlox

Wild iris

Spotted salamander

Common Garter snake


Brown/black morel

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