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This Week in Photos 7-31-08


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66 Attend Count 4-H Camp
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Cherokee, left to right, 1st row, Chandler Newell, Kamira Myers, Jacob Butler, Lora Webb, Zaylah Taylor, Riley Cain, Chris Lacy; 2nd row, Kameron Carder, Holly Wilson, Christopher Goad, Dylan Deweese, Nicole Yoak, David Overbay, Ryan Swearengin; in back, chief Zac Stump.

Delaware, left to right, 1st row, Stephanie Roberts, Donna Roberts, Ashley Hersman, Tyler Kettlewell, Rebbicca Newlon, Matt Rader; 2nd row, Tyler Carpenter, Delaney Cunningham, Hannah Burris, Angel Samples, Ryan Ellison, Jonathan Taylor; 3rd row, sagamore Jessi Cosgrove, chief Dana Thomas, and sagamore Ashley Conley.

Mingo, left to right, 1st row, Baylee Swisher, Dustin Deweese, Brandi Whited, Savannah Rogers, Cole Ritchie, Casey Ritchie, Sara Husk; 2nd row, Caitlyn Roberts, Alayna Butler, Emily Bain, Elizabeth Duskey, Nathan Cosgrove, Nathan Watkins, Erika Wood; 3rd row, sagamore Meghan Chriswell, chief Hannah Wilson, and sagamore Jessica Wood.

Seneca, left to right, 1st row, Tea Boatright, Brad Lacy, Taylor Garrett, Ethan Miller, Nick Cain, Leah Roberts, Nate Hipp, Conner Ritchie; 2nd row, Jeffery Miller, Anna Sampson, Maria Kisner, Ryan Ellison, Kenny Chriswell, Jake Jett; 3rd row, sagamore Samantha Wilson, chief Arla Lane, and sagamore Ashley Houchin.

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Pleasant Hill United Methodist Has Dinner for 821st.

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"One boy's a  boy, two boys are half a boy, and three boys are no boys at all."

The quotation above is a favorite of Calhoun County educator, Don McCartney, when it is time to put-up hay. Evidently, five boys can still put up hay. From left to right, Calvin Knotts, Nathan Summers, Josh Summers, Nick Whytsell and Will Morris who put up 415 bales of hay in one afternoon. 


One of the friendliest faces around Calhoun County is UPS driver Johnny Staats. He is always smiling and calling out a greeting. Staats delivers more than packages; he delivers a dose of neighborly kindness. "I like Calhoun County, there are great people here. Everybody is friendly," said Staats. From Sandyville, he has worked for UPS for 20 years. His route is in Calhoun and Wirt counties.



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