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This Week In History, 9-22-11


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1911, 100 years ago


Camp No. 2 of the Bear Fork Hunting Club, returned last week from their outing, all well pleased with their trip and with their appetites for game fully satisfied. One hundred and seven squirrels and 11 rattlesnakes in five days of hunting is their new record.


The venerable Peter Johnson, of across the river, was quite ill for several days last week with sickness due to old age. Uncle Peter, as he is familiarly known, has passed his 85th mile post, and led an upright, useful life.


Otis McEndree of Pine Creek, progressive farmer and fancier of well-bred dogs, was here on Saturday attending to business affairs.


Two of Sida Hathaway’s children are very sick of diphtheria at the home of Oscar Hathaway on Pine Creek. Sida recently lost a child to this same terrible disease.


Cattle men Conaway and Allender took another large drove of cattle out of Calhoun. They have purchased practically all the cattle that have been taken out of the county this year, and have given general satisfaction.


While not defending improperly protected amusement places, the Parkersburg State Journal indicates that there are plenty of other ways in which people may meet accidental death. Quite right. Facilities for instantaneous and unexpected annihilation increase as rapidly as civilization progresses. A hundred years ago about the only means of accidental death consisted of going too near the water, or of turning your back to the Indians. Now look what is available. The railroad, the automobile, the flying machine, the fire-trap manufactory, the habit of talking back at the wrong moment, the coal mine, the Missouri mule, and other methods of equally certain merit.


1961, 50 years ago

Grantsville volunteer firemen were called out twice last Friday, once at about 10 a.m., and again at nearly midnight.


The first call was to the Westfall property on North Grantsville, where an overheated cooking stove caused some trouble. The fire was confined to the stove.


The second call was for a brush fire on the Mt. Zion ridge, near the Woodrow Everson property. It was reported that a large brush fire was threatening several houses in the area, but when firemen arrived, they found only a very small fire completely under control.


 1986, 25 years ago

Rubber Crafters of Grantsville has been awarded a $40,100 on-the-job training contract, according to Gov. Arch A. Moore, Jr.


The one-year contract, funded under Title IIA of the Federal Job Training Partnership Act, will provide training at the Grantsville facility to 50 new hires classified as rubber goods assemblers.


“This training grant will provide Rubber Crafters with a highly qualified work force to efficiently produce its growing number of government defense contract orders,” said Moore.


The governor added that workers participating in the program will be assured of permanent employment once the training period concludes.















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