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This Week In History, 9-1-11


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1911, 100 years ago


Our good old Democratic friend Frank Richards of Yellow Creek was a visitor in our town. He has been through many political battles, and no matter how dark the party’s prospect looked, he was always in the fight to win, and the victory last fall more than paid this old veteran for the many years he had worked in vain.


Cal Elliott of Spencer, who has many relatives and friends near here, was in town on business last Saturday.


F.S. Wilson, the Big Springs merchant and businessman, was transacting some business in this part of the county last week.


Dr. Dye is having quite a bit of farming done and his prospects for a large crop are good.


Everett Bennett of Hattie was here Monday with a very fine young horse he has raised.


R.C. Hardman returned last Wednesday from Ohio and Kentucky where he was looking over the stock in those states. He brought home two very fine horses, one a draft colt, and one a driving horse.


Oscar Stead, one of the bright and progressive young men from Trace Fork, was in town on Saturday.


1961, 50 years ago

There is always something new to be learned about the sea, and those who are not fascinated by the mysteries of the deep, and the strange unknowns of the oceans which cover most of the earth’s surface, are relatively unthinking.


Just a few days ago, one of the strange events that sometimes transpire at sea snuffed out the lives of several students on their way from Mexico to Nassau in the Bahamas.


The accident was caused when the ship--the 110-foot Albatross--began suddenly taking water. The skipper says this was caused by a sudden squall.


One of the crewmen stated that the squall was the uncommon “white squall,” which old salts know to be one of the mysterious and terrifying surprises of nature in the Caribbean.


This is a squall that strikes without warning. It occurs, often, when fronts are passing over the sea, and it is not accompanied by a large mass of clouds or any other noticeable development in the sky, which would telegraph its arrival.


 1986, 25 years ago

In June, the Calhoun County Bank received approval from the W.Va. Dept. of Banking and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. to offer drive-in services in Grantsville.


The new building that will house the facility has been erected on Court St., with the entrance to the four drive-in lanes being located on River Street. The building will also be the site of the walk-up window that is now to be found at the bank’s main facility. When the drive-in opens in September, the walk-in service at the Main St. location will close.


The new drive-in will increase convenience of banking for its customers and it will also expand current banking hours.













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