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This Week In History, 8-25-11


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1911, 100 years ago


Fred Gainer and wife Juna, who had been spending a few days at Parkersburg, were here Saturday enroute to their home at Burnt House.


Lloyd Fowler of Husher’s Run spent a few days in Ritchie County visiting his sisters, B.H. Wilson and W.H. Moore, at Goff’s Creek. He also visited his brother on Indian Creek and his Pennsboro friends. His son, Obert, accompanied him.


Bridge contractor Tulley is interested, with Earl Fox of Sutton, in drilling a test gas well, with a view of furnishing Sutton and Gassaway with a cheaper fuel.


Charley Stump met with the misfortune of having his foot badly mashed by a loaded wagon running over it.


Work is progressing nicely on the bridge pier, and it is thought that by the latter part of this week masonic work will begin. Stone in the Hamilton quarry ran out last week and the quarrymen moved back to the Kelly quarry on Phillips Run.



1961, 50 years ago

Books have from early times been the source of thorough knowledge, and this is still true. Despite the craze of television--and soap operas that fill the viewer’s TV day--books are still the surest way to knowledge.


A survey showed that people in various sections of the country spend a varying degree of their time reading books. People in the South spent less of their time reading books than did people of any other section.


Some attribute this to warmer climate and a tendency to get outdoors in the milder climate and do more than read. Whatever the reasons, and regardless of the compensations, the South suffers when its citizens do not read books, as does any other section of a country.



Another depressing thought for the intellectual is the type of book most people read. It is the same type of thing that the average movie goers pay to see-- likely something with sex, evil or scandal.


All of us should read more good books. It would be a good habit to form the routine of reading one good book a month, or a week, or however often your daily life allows.



 1986, 25 years ago

Test results for grades three and six in the State-County Testing Program were released last week by the W.Va. Dept. of Education. Statewide total basic skills scores for both grades for 1985-86 are above the 1984-85 scores, when the new test, with a 1981-82 norm, was first given to third and sixth grade students.


For grade three, total basic skill performance for 1985-86 is at the 62nd percentile (1984-85 was at the 57th). Total for grade six students in 1985-86 is at the 60th percentile (1984-85 was at the 55th).


For grade three, the statewide scores are above the national mean percentile for seven sub-tests and below for three sub-tests: mathematics concepts and applications, reference skills, and science. Statewide scores were either at or above the national mean percentile for all four composites.


For grade six, the statewide scores are above the national mean percentile for all 10 sub-tests and for all four composite scores.













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