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This Week In History, 8-18-11


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1911, 100 years ago


Dick Hays assumed his new duties for South Penn Oil Co. at the new Bells Run field.


J. Wellington Rogers, wife and children of near Brooksville came up Sunday and spent a day as guests of Mr. Rogers’ sister, Mrs. W.T.W. Dye.


Creed Yoak, the progressive young Millstone businessman, has purchased the Felix Settle farm on Pigeon Roost.


H. Stump of Stumptown and E.O. Wilson of Enon passed through town Monday morning enroute down the river to get goods for Steer Creek merchants.


The box supper held at the Cabot Factory church, Saturday evening, was a success in every manner, and the ladies of that vicinity deserve great credit for making it such a pleasant event.


Dr. J.R. Floyd, the prominent young eye specialist of Harrisville, visited our town last week. He did a great deal of work while here. He is a pleasant young man, and is highly recommended by his townspeople.


1961, 50 years ago

One does nor have to be a glutton to cultivate the art of eating to a high degree. We Americans often mistake high arts in the culinary field as either too much sophistication or too high brow.


This is untrue. A great cook, a superb chef, and one who can originate new dishes and season all to perfection is himself (or herself) an artist. It is a talent that females learned long ago to be the way to a man’s heart.


How much emphasis should we put on eating--enjoying our food? In our puritanical philosophy, we sometimes think that to enjoy our meals with a flourish--and after much preparation and detailed work--is to overdo things. We often make fun of those who do--especially Europeans.


This is a mistake we make in our young civilization. The average European knows well the value of good meals and the ultimate enjoyment of what is available. He takes his time at meals--even if a complete meal requires an hour and a half.


What’s more, the average European enjoys it, digests it, and enjoys anticipating it and praising it after completing it. Americans often consider meals as necessities breaking up the working day. We grab a bite on the run and rush off, or miss a meal altogether--and therefore we don’t digest much of it, and eventually many get ulcers.


What else can a person, or a married couple, enjoy more together than three good meals a day? Few things indeed.


Every individual might think a bit about meals, as we know them in this country. Is there enough variety? Do members of the family look forward to meals with anticipation and wonder? Are meals a highlight of the day? If not, you are missing a great potential in this life.


 1986, 25 years ago

The main road at Calhoun Recreational Park is near completion. More gravel was hauled and placed on the road during the week of Aug. 11.


Also, Denzil Leach built lids for the waterline valve boxes, another parking lot was built by Don Heiney beside the barn, and Donald Gunn worked on another road. Heiney and Gunn furnished their own ’dozers. Seeding and mulching is still being done and seven more picnic tables were built. Additional workers included Kevin Hartshorn, Cap Cunningham, Blackie Sturm, Richard Kirby, Eugene Little, Duke Husk, Rick Butt and Guy Little.












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