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This Week In History, 8-11-11


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1911, 100 years ago


James Ferrell of Leafbank was in town on Monday morning, having his pension papers fixed up.


G.W. Griffin and Dr. W.H. Adams, prominent Washington District citizens, came to Grantsville on Monday to transact some business.


Cutis Shaffer of Chicago, a brother of our townsman Bert Shaffer, spent a few days here as a guest of his brother’s family.


Bickel and Patterson have sold their string of tools on Yellow Creek to a Mr. Miller.


J.M. Bennett, O.J. Dulin, A.J. Pickering, F.S. Hathaway, G.W. Taylor, C.C. Starcher, Bert Shaffer, R.L. Hamilton and Jim Huffman are attending Masonic Lodge at Pennsboro, where most of them will ride the goat in the advanced degrees.


“Gov. Gray” won the Latonia Derby race at Latonia, Ky., running the one and a half miles in 2:30 4/5, lacking but 4/20 of a second of breaking the American record for that distance.


Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Pell went to Elkins last week, where they joined Mr. and Mrs. Holsberry, and went to the mountain streams of Randolph County, where they will attempt to lure the finny tribe from their haunts.



1961, 50 years ago

The U.S. is a young country, and unknowing in many of the ways of propaganda and diplomacy. Americans are often described as the most disliked people on the face of the earth, because of their behavior abroad.


Part of the reason why it is hard to sell the American people to the rest of the world is that we are too wealthy and too materialistic. When you have more than others, it doesn’t make them love you; and when you stress materialism, as Hollywood and some Americans do, it becomes repulsive to those with values on a different level.


So that is the problem we face in the United States--that is our public relations problem.


The problem was aggravated when a film documentary, titled “Harvest of Shame,” was sold by a television network to the British Broadcasting Corp. The film, which was the result of an effort to achieve something commendable, has become highly controversial.


The new head of the U.S. Information Agency, Edward Murrow, who did the commentary in the film, telephoned the BBC, immediately prior to the showing of the film, and asked that the film not be shown. The BBC replied that the film had already been too widely advertised to be cancelled.


What it all adds up to is that we Americans often export our worst--even sometimes exaggerated self-criticism. In this case, the damage was done by what really is a television network editorial.



 1986, 25 years ago

Late Friday night, hay stacked in front of Foodland caught on fire, causing over $10,000 damage to the exterior of the building. No cause has been determined at this time.


The fire was brought to the attention of George Butt, who was patrolling Rt. 16 South, by an unidentified person leaving the parking lot. According to Jerry Malona, Grantsville Volunteer Fire Dept. chief, Butt summoned help and got a truck. By the time he arrived back at Foodland, the flames were shooting up over the roof.


Visible damage was done to the awning and plastic of the roof overhang. Electrical wiring was damaged, as well as some of the rafters being charred. According to Jeff Facemire of Foodland, also damaged were some shopping carts and some smoke damage inside.


Malona said that the quick response of the firemen in town is what saved the store. He said that the fire department has been without a communications system for the past two weeks, due to lightning running in on the base.


Had the fire burned for another five minutes before being discovered, Malona said he did not know what might have happened.


Facemire expressed his thanks to Malona and other members of the fire department for their outstanding response. “No water damage was done inside the store,” Facemire said. He also commended the power company for its quick response in coming down and unhooking the electrical wires.


Yoak’s Video, which had just moved into the former Drug Mart location, had some smoke, but no damage was reported.








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