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This Week In History, 7-7-11


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1911, 100 years ago


John C. Mathews, assistant cashier of Bank of Grantsville, has severed his connection with that institution and left last week for Akron, Ohio, where he expects to obtain employment. Should he fail to find a satisfactory job there, we understand he will go to Canada.


Gas was encountered at a depth of 1,200 feet in a stray sand at Cabot’s Westfall No. 2.


E.E. Cottrill, well-known timber man of Low Gap Run, was registered at Stump Hotel on Saturday. He is recovering from a severe attack of the measles.


Holly Barr, son of the late S.C. Barr, made a good No. 2 grade, and the questions were unusually hard, in the uniform examination for teaching. Grace Morgan made a good No. 2 grade also, making a slightly better average than Holly.


C.C. Starcher of Creston looked after his business at this place. Audry Vanhorn is looking after the boat while it is laid up at that wharf.



1961, 50 years ago

A Kansas-born U.S. Senator, now serving from Hawaii, Oren E. Long, has proposed that a statue of General Robert E. Lee and his famous horse Traveler be erected across the river from Washington at Arlington National Cemetery.


Long’s ancestors fought on the Union side in the war of 1861-65, but he said his family never held any bitterness after the conflict. In his opinion, the war produced “two most unusual men--Lincoln and Lee.”


Long has encountered no opposition to his proposal to erect the statue in Arlington, which was the home of Lee. It was taken from him by Union troops soon after the war began. It was never returned to the family, even though a Northern senator introduced legislation to return it to the family some years after the war.


“The centennial period appeals to me as one in which some national recognition could be given to the greatness of Lee,” Long said. Lee was offered command of the Union armies on the eve of the war, but wrote that, “a union which can be maintained only with swords and bayonets has no charms for me.” He also believed that the states were sovereign and had as just a claim to this as did the Union to the right to compel states to remain in the union.


Though Lee had freed his slaves and opposed the war, he could not lift his sword against his native state and people, which few through history have been able to do.


Now, 100 years after Col. Lee resigned from the U.S. Army, Long would recall the words of Lincoln, who always said that the bitterness of war would pass away. He says that Lee, after the war, as President of Washington and Lee, supported that same principle and sought unity once again for the country.


Long’s proposal is overdue. We Americans forget our differences with Spaniards, Germans, and others, and help them almost immediately, financially and otherwise, after defeating them. For our brothers, the South, there was no help, but a ruthless Reconstruction terror, and no financial aid, but a carpetbagger exploitation.


 1986, 25 years ago

As a follow-up to complaints from Grantsville citizens about youthful loiterers, the town council has taken the first steps to impose a curfew on all up to age 18. A first reading on the new ordinance was held on July 7. At press time, arrangements were being made for a second and final reading. Immediately after conclusion of the second reading, the curfew will be in force, with the parents of violators subject to fines or even imprisonment.


Council began considering a curfew last April, following a meeting attended by 40 to 50 townspeople. Half were in favor of an immediate curfew. Com-plaints specified that youngsters were hanging around, making noise, and committing minor acts of vandalism. Opposition to the curfew was voiced by Julie Watson and about 10 teenagers.


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