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This Week In History, 7-21-11


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1911, 100 years ago


The B&O Railroad Co. has promulgated the following notice: “Officers and employees will take notice that there will not be employed, nor permitted to remain in the service in the capacity of train master, dispatcher, operator, engineer, fireman, or trainman, yardman, block or other signalman, watchman, or in other positions, where in any way charged with the direction or operation of trains, persons who use intoxicants, either while on duty or off duty.”


As yet there is no one filling the position occupied by John C. Mathews in the Bank of Grantsville, but someone will likely be secured within a short time to fill the place.


Contractor Lou Bickel is drilling a well for Godfrey L. Cabot on the Wolverton farm on Big Root.


W.H. Whipkey was in town a short time on Saturday. Bill has held down a job on Cabot’s gas lines for about a dozen years.


Smith and Huffman sold a good horse to Jennings Hathaway of Hur.


H.A. and S.J. Witte, two honest and industrious farmers from the valley of Steer Creek, attended to business in the county seat on Monday.



1961, 50 years ago


The Kennedy Administration has announced that more American troops will be sent overseas in the next year. The effort to bolster U.S. conventional forces is the reason for this change in policy.


It will mean that more American boys will serve on foreign bases, and in foreign countries, than had been hereto-fore planned. These servicemen are, in many cases, our best--or worst--ambassadors.


It would be of great benefit to the country if the program to educate our servicemen in the diplomatic arts were intensified and broadened. It is already a good program, insofar as it goes, but much more effort, and time, could be devoted to this project, with beneficial results for the country and the cause of democracy, and we hope this is done in the expanded overseas defense program.


We might as well recognize the fact that Americans are not usually good diplomats--with exceptions--and concentrate on making friends where we send our servicemen, rather than enemies.


 1986, 25 years ago

Almost a full year after the 10-county West Central Community Action Association declared bankruptcy, Calhoun, along with eight other counties, is still having problems getting a replacement body organized and functioning.


At a special meeting on Monday evening, members of the still existent Calhoun County CAA board and delegates to the board of the newly-created Community Resources, Inc., met with county commissioners in an effort to get something started.


At the end of the long meeting, which was punctuated by sharp criticism of organizational efforts up to now, the group took major steps to overcome the year-long inertia.



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