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This Week In History, 7-14-11


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1911, 100 years ago


O.J. Stump returned last week from Akron, Ohio, where he has been employed the past few months, being compelled to give up his work on account of ill health.


Miss Odessa Chenoweth is reported very sick at the home of her uncle Oscar on the West Fork, where her parents Attorney and Mrs. Elliott Chenoweth were visiting on their way home from Bluefield.


H.W. Teters, one of Russett’s good citizens, was in town on Friday. He has a number of crossties on the bank of Steer Creek, and is pretty anxious to see some rain.


Col. “Doss” Blizzard, who has been absent from our town for several weeks while being employed on the steamer Clarence on the lower river trade, wandered back to his old haunts last Thursday, and will spend the summer at and near Grantsville.


Ellie Propst is kept busy day and night with his ox team, freighting goods from Creston to this place.


Clarence “Bud” Stump of Stumptown was here last week, with his horse Donnell Cloud 4777. Judgment of the best horsemen in town is that this horse is one of the best that was ever brought into the county.



1961, 50 years ago

The stock market has obviously reflected the belief of many businessmen that the country is on the eve of more spending, a broader economic base, and more inflation.


Business profits for the first quarter of the year have not warranted the rise of many stocks. The conclusion is now rather general that the market has rebounded on hopes and expectations rather than on performance.


The New Frontier, which we are entering, will probably include much of what the business world is telegraphing on the stock market. Though we have had little inflation in the first months of the Kennedy Administration, spending by the federal government is going up and this will increase inflationary pressures.


As the recovery of 1961 continues, business will expand and improve. Our population is growing rapidly and, for other reasons, the demand for goods will rise annually. With an Administration spending more than it collects, inflation does seem a good bet.


Chances are--at this stage, without unlimited ability to gaze ahead into the future-- the sixties will be years of expansion and inflation, and probably good business years. That is why investors are buying, and the stock market has been strong.


 1986, 25 years ago

The good news was that the county commissioners found some money for the Calhoun County Extension office, the Health Dept. and the library. The bad news was that the amounts they allocated--$6,500 for the Extension office; $6,000 for the Health Dept.; $4,000 for the library--was considerably less than last year’s budget and woefully inadequate to let any of those services continue at previous operating levels.


With some 50 people ranging in age from pre-teen to senior citizens crowding the little court-room last Thursday afternoon, the commissioners started their budget revision meeting an hour early. The audience consisted mostly of those rallied by the Extension office to ask commissioners to reconsider their forecasts of zero funding for health, 4-H and library.



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