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This Week In History, 6-30-11


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1911, 100 years ago


The Old Bethlehem grave yard was cleaned up and otherwise beautified by folks from this town and surrounding communities last Saturday.


Al Boggs has quit his job on Tulley’s stone quarry and will go to the mountains to work this summer.


Akron, Ohio, is drawing several of Calhoun’s young men, with wages that are high and a big demand for labor of all kinds.


Mrs. A.H. Jackson of Big Springs is reported very sick from the effect of measles, which has settled in her eyes. Her sickness has delayed the family from moving to Grantsville, which they contemplated doing some time ago.


 Home Hotel is still the principal hostelry in Grantsville, and its landlord W.R. Stalnaker is as popular with the traveling public as ever. There isn’t a better place in the Little Kanawha Valley than the Home Hotel.


Cell Fogle was pretty badly hurt last week by a horse falling with him, injuring a leg.


Assessor R.J. Knotts received a telegram that his brother, J.R. Knotts, had died suddenly at his home in Iowa. The news was quite a shock to Bob, as he did not even know that his brother was sick. The news reached him too late to attend the funeral.


1961, 50 years ago

What is the greatest of gifts in the field of an individual’s personality? In our opinion, the greatest is the sense of humor that produces the contagious smile, the genuine laugh.


A smile and a laugh can achieve what the greatest exertion often fails to accomplish. It can set the mood at a meeting, or in a group, and it can bring about a warm response quicker than anything else.


Have you ever wondered why you enjoy being around certain people, while you dread the sight of others? Maybe it is because you enjoy the company of the former and you enjoy it because they are pleasant and bring you pleasure.


The person with a sense of humor possesses a matchless gift. He will live longer, he will get more out of life, and he will go further. He can make friends readily, and will usually be good company.


Try cultivating a genuine smile, and a genuine affection for people to go along with it, and you will soon be amazed at the results. If you do not have a finely developed sense of humor, and are in business, for example, try cultivating a sense of humor.


 1986, 25 years ago

Public Service Commission has canceled public hearings in Montgomery, Pineville and Charleston on the pending rate hike request of Cabot Corp. because on June 23 Cabot filed a request with the PSC asking that its pending 8.9% rate increase application be withdrawn.


In a letter filed on June 23, the company stated: “In preparing the direct testimony of Cabot to be filed in this case, it became apparent that the reorganization has a significant impact on Cabot’s pending case. Because of the significant change in the corporate alignment, many of the basic assumptions and underlying premises for the formulation of the case have changed.”


“At this point, we haven’t had enough time to evaluate the exact impact of the consolidation on the ‘Utility’,” said George B. Kitchens, manager. “By withdrawing, we’re giving ourselves some time to study the Utility as an independent business unit before we prepare our next general rate case. It also means we can hold our rates constant for our customers a little longer.”

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