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This Week In History, 5-26-11


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1911, 100 years ago


Guaranty Oil Co., manufacturer of gasoline at Big Springs, is making extensive improvements on its plant.


A rough calculation of the miles walked by L.M. Williams to and from his farm during the year figures 1,275 miles.


Jeff Kelley, industrious Phillips Run farmer, is busy at work on the roads of his precinct, over which he is supervisor. Hathaway Brothers are furnishing the power with five yokes of oxen, and the road machine is turning up some excellent roads.


Tom Stump of Stumptown is teaming from Creston to Stumptown. Merchants from that place haul their goods from Creston now, instead of Spencer, owing to the bad condition of the Roane County roads.


Our old friend, A.W. Hallenbake, who started out several days ago on a trip through the county to repair watches, clocks, etc., is on Barnes Run, and reported to be doing lots of work. Anthony is a first class workman and is sure to give satisfaction to his customers.


1961, 50 years ago

Looking at the Little Kanawha River, with its shallow flow of water, it is hard to realize that it was once the main artery of commercial traffic in the county. Many boats traveled the river and its largest tributaries. Some were steam boats, while other were gasoline boats.


Old timer Walter Propst has listed the names of boats he remembers. Steam boats he names are Oneida, Hilton, French, Louise, Darling, Milton and Lulu.


Gasoline boats include Grantsville, Clarence, Dove, Leona G., Acme, G.L. Cabot, Virginia Rhodes, J.G. Oles, Crane, Donald, Ella, Paul S., Eagle, Edith H., Harold H., Return, Glenville, Gainer No. 1, Gainer No. 2, Latonia, Russett, Mabel B., Clipper, Icon, Winona, Creston, Harry W., Haul S., Reliance, Brooksville, Harold S., Leone, Joe S., Mildred M., Sunshine, Wabash, H.B. Stout, Calhoun, Lark, Albatross, Margaret R., Nellie G., Return No. 2, Ruth T., Ruth S., Mabel B., Violet, Hillary R., Mavis B., A.E. Kenney, Sampson, Carbon Black, Dardinell, Orlo, Slim Jim, Martha H., Juanita, Deems, Bros., Rascal, Vance, Suzanna, Casey Jones, Red Bird, Joy, Lorena, Eugene, Elvia, Barney, Yellow Bird, Chase, Grand, Monska, and Sophie A.


Some of these boats bear names yet familiar, being the names of the boat owners and members of his family. They are all a part of the colorful past. Since the building of roads, travel on the Little Kanawha has come to a standstill.


 1986, 25 years ago

A museum for Calhoun is one step nearer with the opening of a second room for Calhoun Historical and Genealogical Society at the board of education plaza. The school board provided the society with a meeting room last year. A second room has been designated for use by the society to establish a county museum.


Announcement of the project was made Sunday, May 11, at the society’s meeting. President L.C. Hamilton, Jr., said the second classroom, located in a trailer in back of the board office on High St., was now available. Already on hand are four large museum display cases donated by the state.


Another member, Joanna Vannoy, has completed a project of restoring 21 chairs, 15 from an early Calhoun courthouse, and others as a gift from her. The chairs were refinished and reseated, using oriental flat reed made from a rush.


The rooms will be open for the public’s use for genealogical research on Thursday and Friday during the Wood Festival. Work on the museum displays will be done later.


Work is going well on another project, publication of a book, “Calhoun County in World War II,” which is almost ready for printing. Research on this book has been done by Joy C. Stevens, another member.


Denny Gunn reported on explorations at the schoolhouse cave, near Annamoriah, with Indian artifacts being discovered there. Harlan Stump displayed a stone believed to have been fired at a kiln once located on the Nicholas Poling farm on Sycamore.


















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