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This Week In History, 4-7-11


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1911, 100 years ago

A small blaze was discovered in the residence of Mr. Cornell, near the mill, on Thursday morning. It was extinguished by “Ikey” Harris, who came on the scene with a bucket of water.


This Tuesday will be the last day of the public schools at this place. This has been one of the most successful terms of school ever taught here. Prof. Ferrell and Miss Williams deserve great credit for their excellent work, and the patrons should use their efforts to secure their services for the next term.


The gasoline packet A.E. Kenney conveyed the funeral party of aunt Brown Johnson from here to the mouth of Big Root on Thursday evening.


Al Jackson, prosperous oil man and farmer from Chestnut Grove, was in town on Monday to look after business affairs. He informed us that the gasoline plant operated by himself and Park Bowser is now making 300 gallons a day. This is an improvement over the rate at starting, as at that time they made only 10 gallons an hour. The fluid is of the very best grade, and this will soon be a big industry in Calhoun County.


The packet Return made a flying trip to Parkersburg, making the trip in 28 and a half hours of actual running.


1961, 50 years ago

There’s something morally wrong--in our buckwheat cake way of thinking--when an actor or actress gets $25,000 for one appearance on some silly television show. Of course, we don’t blame the show people; we’d take it if an offer like that came our way, but this points up the distorted pay scale of the entertainment world.


While remuneration for citizens doing work of great value to their country, in the scientific, defense or intelligence fields--for a few examples--is usually meager, powder puff boys and girls get more for one performance before the cameras than professionals in the above-mentioned fields receive for a whole year’s vitally important work.


The movie and television industries are so organized, and the entertainment field so situated, that an established star can demand exorbitant sums of money for his little stint, or song, or dance--or cute remarks.


As far as we are concerned, the acting professional is the most overpaid of all professions. Considering the quality of most movies, this makes the salary scale in show business the outrage of the ages.


 1986, 25 years ago

The State Auditor’s office last week mailed the final distribution of Public Utilities monies to the counties and municipalities of West Virginia for the current fiscal year.


Total distribution amounted to $31,592,289. Of this amount, $29,955,255 was for county and school purpose and $1,637,033 for municipalities. This is a decrease over the final distribution for last year of $181,543.


Calhoun received $124,699. Grantsville received $2,509.









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