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This Week In History, 4-21-11


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1911, 100 years ago


W.A. Mahaney of Big Springs, South Penn superintendent, was here on Saturday. His children have been real sick for some time with the measles. He said that his company is making preparations to do considerable work this summer in the Bell’s Run field.


The Bell’s Run oil field is attracting attention of practically all oil men in the county. The well is said to be making 75 barrels daily, natural. Many of our home people own good stuff close to the new well. Clyde Parks and Hal Cain own the royalty on this lease and we are glad to see these two fellows meet with good fortune.


J.W. Pell has some fine looking territory in close proximity, and in some of the best leases that are held by Hope Gas Co., which owns practically all the leases in that territory. Argonaut Oil Co. owns a half interest in the oil. That company is composed of A.E. Kenney, John T. Harris, E.B. Enslow and others. It is likely that, within a short time, development will be lively in the Bell Run and surrounding country.


Superintendent Gainer purchased a fine saddle mare. Horses are very high in this county at present, and the indications are that the prices will not decrease soon.


It is said that the largest congregation that was ever seen at a funeral in that locality, was at that of Hon. Aristotle Smith, held at the Reip graveyard.


1961, 50 years ago

The time seems near when the U.S. or Russia, or both, will put a man into space. The Russians are working on a more far-reaching project. They intend to send a man into orbit.


At Cape Canaveral, the U.S. is preparing to shoot a man up into space and back down again --not into an orbit, but to reach a moderately high altitude. The project is a bit less complicated than the Russian one, but the successful completion of either would be of great historical significance.


If the attempt is successful, we will have actually entered the age of manned flight into outer space. After this start, the developments are sure to come at a fast pace--just as they did with the airplane.


The Wrights first flew just after the turn of the century. By World War I, pilots were fighting each other in various kinds of aircraft, and taking pictures, dropping bombs and using machine guns.


The day must come when individuals will travel in space ships and even single-seat space contraptions--just as the funny papers predicted years ago.


 The sixties will probably be remembered in history as the decade when man finally broke the shackles of the earth’s atmosphere and went beyond, into the vast unknown reaches of outer space, to begin his discovery of the many earths and planets, both far and near.



 1986, 25 years ago

Texie LaMar of Millstone narrowly escaped death last Friday evening when a 1½-ton flatbed truck smashed into the side of her mobile home. She was flung across her living room and lost consciousness. Complaining of back injuries, she was taken to Calhoun General Hospital for X-rays and later released.


She couldn’t go back home, since it was virtually totaled. It had been pushed off its foundations, the floor was buckled, and the utilities knocked out.


Driver of the truck was Gary Dale Goodrich of Normantown.


According to the police report, Goodrich was driving his flatbed truck west on Rt. 33 at about 9:30 p.m. when it went off the road. It struck the hillside, followed a ditch line for a short distance, then veered across Rt. 33 and traveled some 30 feet along the driveway of LaMar’s property, until it collided with the mobile home.


LaMar, who had been sitting in a recliner watching a television program, said she heard a roaring sound and a moment later the front end of the truck exploded through the wall a few feet from where she was sitting. The force of the impact knocked her and her chair about three or four feet, shattering windows and glassware. Her small dog was flung about eight feet, but escaped injury. Four kittens that were in a box on the front porch were killed.













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