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This Week In History, 4-14-11


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1911, 100 years ago

Bob Mollohan and family, Mrs. Charley Starcher and children, Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Pell, Mrs. Deed Barr, Misses Ella and Dode Johnson were excursionists to Glenville last week on the Clarence.


The steamer Edith H. had the misfortune to sink a large barge of goods below the Leachtown lock last Friday night. The barge was loaded with flour, feed, and merchandise of all sorts, much of which was perishable. The loss is estimated at $600 to $1,000. A large snag or log, one end of which was buried in the ground, was the cause.


We are in receipt of a communication from Index, signed by “Violet,” which goes into the wastebasket for the reason that the author’s name was not signed thereto.


Uncle “Vess” Stump, one of the pioneer citizens of Steer Creek, and a highly respected gentleman, was in town several days last week. He is having a gasoline boat built by Roy Stump, which he will have great use for in the trade from here to Stumptown and other points.


An effort is being made before this session of the county court to have the road leading from James Ferrell’s on Leafbank, to the ridge near Beeman Wright’s residence, which has been annulled, reestablished. This is a good movement and should succeed.


1961, 50 years ago

Opening of the golf course for 1961 was discussed at a meeting last Tuesday evening of the Riverside Country Club.


It was decided to have the local facilities rolled and put into shape for early use. Members were assessed $65 per family for upkeep.


Peter Zannoni, president of the club, said that arrangements could be made for any resident of Calhoun to join the club, making special arrangements to buy stock over a three-year period. Non-residents may use the course by paying the standard greens fee.


Riverside Country Club is one of the few golf courses in West Virginia having grass greens. It is located at the end of North Side Drive, Grantsville.


 1986, 25 years ago

An Apr. 4 ruling by the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals had an immediate effect on the forthcoming election in Calhoun.


Prior to the ruling, the under-standing was that no more than two members of a county school board could come from the any given magisterial district. This made for a somewhat complex situation, where incumbent members of the board put apparent limitations on the possible election chances of candidates.


Phil Hickman, for example, is from Sherman District and is not up for re-election. Only one of the candidates from Sherman District could have been elected. As it turned out there were three candidates from Sherman, Lyle Kerby, running for re-election, and former members Jackie Robinson and Scottie Westfall.


Under provisions of the new ruling, any two of the Sherman District can be elected; all they need to do is win enough votes to be the two front runners.


A similar situation existed in Center District. Seated is Jerry Malona. Candidates are Andrew Molessa, running for re-election, and Buddy A. Hardman and Phillip Earl.


The Supreme Court ruling overthrew a 40-year-old law enacted in 1945 and amended in 1978 that barred more than two school board members from any one district.













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