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This Week In History, 2-24-11


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1911, 100 years ago

C.B. Shaffer, who fell and hurt himself so badly, has so far recovered as to be able to get around on crutches.


Jas. Kerby and Mrs. Petit of Barnes Run are indisposed at this writing. Rumors say Jim is going to leave us and locate at Parkersburg, where he will work in a shovel factory. We lose one of the strong supports of Democracy when we lose Jim.


Two of E.K. Morgan’s children of Philips Run are dangerously ill with lung fever, as is Doud Stump’s children.


Ballard Douglas made a flying trip to Minnora one day last week to see his father, who is quite sick.


The little child of Mr. and Mrs. Allen Starcher of Sycamore, which has been so very sick for some time, died Friday after an operation had been performed in hopes to give relief. The child never recovered from the influence of the chloroform.


Deputy sheriff Howard Waldo went to Parkersburg last week and brought up Harley Hunt, who is wanted in our court on a charge of playing a little poker under the gas light at the mouth of Leafbank several months ago. Harley paid his bond and intimates that he will stand trial and believes he will be acquitted.



1961, 50 years ago

According to local health department records, the number of cattle dying from rabies is increasing. Since Dec. 1, 10 cows in Calhoun County have died with this dreaded disease.


One or two animals represent a serious economic loss to the owner, and it can be prevented, according to county agent Bill Amick. He suggested that if foxes are known to exist in an area, that it would be good insurance against loss for farmers in that area to vaccinate cattle.


He said that the cost of vaccinating cattle is just slightly more than the cost of vaccinating a dog against rabies, and it is equally effective. The loss of one good animal, he said, costs the farmer about the same as vaccinating 70 head of cattle. This may be inexpensive insurance against loss for those living in a questionable area.


 1986, 25 years ago

Complaints from two merchants about the difficulty of having judgment papers served, along with an angry exchange between the president of the county commission and the county assessor were among the dramatic peaks of last Thursday morning’s county commission meeting. All this was preliminary to the question of whether or not the county’s tax books did or did not exist.


For most of the morning, the assessor insisted he had no real estate or property tax lists to deliver. Then, after some telephone sleuthing by the county prosecuting attorney, it turned out that a massive computer printout of tax information did exist--and it had been sitting in the assessor’s office since late January.






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