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This Week In History, 2-10-11


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1911, 100 years ago

It was rumored that “Uncle” Daniel Huffman of Steer Creek was dead, but this was proved to be untrue. The venerable man had suffered a sinking spell, fell from a chair and was unconscious for some time. He is a brother of Benjamin and Rev. L.J. Huffman, and is nearly 80. His host of friends hope that he may soon recover from his present weakened condition and round out a full 100 years.


Nat Depue of Creston, who carries mail between that place and Grantsville, had a very thrilling experience with a huge wild cat or some other animal of a like nature. He had been delayed until late in the afternoon, waiting for the mail sacks which were on the Harry W.

Consequently, it was dark when he crossed the Annamoriah flats, and he noticed something following him, which he took to be a dog, but paid little attention to it until it darted past the horse and ran up a tree that leaned over the road. From there the cat sprang, landing on the horse’s neck clawing and biting fiercely. It hung on for a considerable distance until Nattie was enabled to kick it off.

The horse became frightened and ran away, but was soon checked up, and the game little mail carrier got a light and went back to look for his hat and the mail sacks which he had lost. Nattie is still carrying the mail, but it is a safe bet that he will always try to get across Anna-moriah flats before dark.


Howard Trippett had a very close call last Tuesday. He had been complaining somewhat, and in taking a dose of medicine to improve his health, got the wrong bottle, which proved to be carbolic acid. He is getting along very well at this time.



1961, 50 years ago

Take a good look around Grantsville in the next few weeks, if you want to remember the old look--because come Mar. 1 the town will have a major face lifting operation. That is when work is expected to begin on the new bridge across the Little Kanawha River, at a cost of over one-half million dollars.


A number of business places and houses will have to be demolished as work starts on the bridge project. The bridge will span the river about 2,000 feet upstream from the present bridge, nearer to the property of Calhoun High School.


Contracts have already been let by the State Road Commission for the bridge and approaches. W.R. Orders and Son of Charleston will build the bridge. Vecellio and Grogan of Beckley will do the approaches.



 1986, 25 years ago

Two heavy snowfalls last week layered Calhoun County’s hills and meadows with any-where from six to 10 inches of snow. Then, with the arrival of unseasonably high temperatures over the weekend, streams and creeks began running at full.


Monday brought a torrential rain that began about 7 a.m. At noon, the decision was made to cancel school and send the school buses home early.


Edd McKown, county road supervisor, reported that there were many mud slides around the county, with clogged culverts overflowing across highways, especially on Rt. 7 at Russett Road and on Rt. 5 towards Elizabeth.


Schools were canceled again on Tuesday because of high and still-rising waters on the West Fork, Little Kanawha and many tributaries. Rt. 5 was covered at Carroll Road and at another low section closer to Grantsville.






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