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This Week In History, 1-27-11


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1911, 100 years ago


“Aunt Lou” Stump was dangerously ill last week, with an attack of acute indigestion, but is better at this time.


Mrs. J.D. Jeffreys has moved from the post office building to the Marshall property in the rear of the Masonic hall. She will continue to conduct a first-class bakery as heretofore.


In shooting the Sadie E. Ferrell well No. 1 at the mouth of Big Root, an accident happened which caused quite a fishing job. The shot failed to discharge, and the tools were run, which touched the nitroglycerine and caused an explosion. Fos Murdy of Cairo was the shooter.


The chicken industry near Grantsville is growing. Bob Mollohan is the latest person to venture into this business. He recently purchased a nice pen of white leghorns from a chicken fancier at Elizabeth.


Allie Hardman was looking after his cattle that are feeding on the Barr farm on Saturday. He and his father G.W. Hardman are wintering some fine ones. They have one of the best arranged cattle barns we have ever seen in this county. They stay at home and board at the same place, and they are clever gentlemen.


A Mr. Westfall, who came here about one year ago from Rosedale, has sold out and returned to his old home.


1961, 50 years ago

The weapon of science fiction, the death ray, has now been discovered. A beam of light so powerful that it will light up an area 10 miles wide all the way to the moon, is said to have been made possible.


It is called “coherent light,” which is an atomic radio-light described as being brighter than the center of the sun. It was developed by a scientist of a major aircraft company, Dr. Theodore H. Maiman. A small, solid, electronic device, which is smaller than a water tumbler and contains a synthetic ruby, is being used successfully at an aircraft factory in Culver City to generate the coherent beam.


The discovery is actually the long-sought successful amplification of light. It is a feat that scientists have long tried to accomplish, and it opens up enormous possibilities.


Because light produces heat, if it can be truly amplified, it can focus onto incredibly tiny points over incredible distances and produce terrifying degrees of heat. Such a light beam, if focused on any object, would cause it to vaporize almost immediately. This is how powerful the new amplified ray is.


Ramifications of the new discovery are not known, but it is safe to report that this is a major breakthrough, welcomed by scientists and researchers in every country.



 1986, 25 years ago

The federal Dept. of Transportation has approved an additional $8.2 million for emergency road and highway repairs in 13 West Virginia counties hit by the November floods. Calhoun will receive $644,885.


The funding is in addition to $43.5 million approved earlier for repair work in eight of the most heavily damaged counties.


With the extra $8.2 million, West Virginia has thus far received approximately $52.7 million for road and bridge repair work.

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