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This Week In History, 7-15-10


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1910, 100 years ago


Children’s day exercises held at Baptist Church on Sunday evening were quite a success. The program was an excellent one, and the ladies and everyone connected with it deserve great praise for the ideal manner in which it was rendered.


“Tip” Campbell, an old friend of ours from up the river, was in town on Saturday. He is suffering from a very sore hand, caused by a cut from an axe.


Oke Gainer and Ed Morgan gave a moving picture exhibition in town, Thursday evening, which was largely attended.


A gentleman at one of our boarding houses, after having beans shoved at him for two straight weeks, asked the waiter to please read the 18th chapter of Hebrew. We imagine this will make some of our readers get the dust off their Bibles.


There was a noisy, but bloodless fight on Brushy Run between F.S. Sampson and G.G. Griffin. They fought the first round over the telephone and then agreed to meet at the residence of W.H. Davisson and fight it out. Sampson, being fleeter of foot than Griffin, beat him to the place appointed, and for fear his opponent would come, he started back home; and when Griffin came to the spot and found that Sampson had fled, he increased his speed in pursuit, and when he topped the hill, to his surprise, he faced the muzzle of a large gun, and with the speed of a traction engine, he turned his course, and it is claimed by those who saw him that his speed had that of Halley’s comet as he backed clear off the stage. W.H. Davisson is making some noise about the stickers being all torn off from his blackberry bushes as a result of them two running through.



1960, 50 years ago

The polio season is upon us, or almost here, and we remind our readers that although we have a vaccine--or several vaccines--polio is still taking a heavy toll of American lives.


Some people may not realize it, but in 1959 polio paralyzed five thousand victims. Also, many people do not realize it, but 49 percent of the American population has received no vaccine at all.


It is among this half of the population that paralytic polio will take a heavy toll this summer, a U.S. Public Health official recently warned.


 1985, 25 years ago

High winds and severe thunder storms took their toll on Calhoun County early Wednesday morning, July 10.


At approximately 8:15 a.m., two of Grantsville’s establishments, the American Legion Hall on Simon St. and the Riverview Carry-Out on River St. were struck by fallen trees due to the high winds. Trees also fell onto power lines in town leaving Grantsville with-out electricity for several hours.


Lightning from the storm struck the pump at the municipal pool in Grantsville, closing it temporarily until repairs could be made to the pump.


The home of Mike and Angie Lipton was destroyed by fire, reportedly caused by lightning from the storm. The house, located on Sycamore Road near Millstone, was a total loss, leaving only the chimney to the fireplace standing.


Trees were down across many roads in the area.

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