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This Week In History, 9-9-10


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1910, 100 years ago


Next Saturday, the Arnoldsburg ball team will give a Field Day meet at the Fair Grounds at that place, which will be full of sport, such as foot races, broad jumping, etc. The main event will be a ball game between the Arnoldsburg and Grantsville teams, the weather permitting. Everyone should go and enjoy the excitement of a real fast ball game.


The hunting season for squirrels opened Sept. 1.


Tode Bennett killed 22 squirrels in one day’s hunt, and it wasn’t much of a day for squirrels either.


Contractor J.V. Tulley, who underwent an operation for appendicitis, returned with his family to this place, Wednesday evening. He is still in a very feeble condition, but is able to superintend the work on the bridge piers at Grantsville.



1960, 50 years ago

It is a favorite pastime of most Americans to discuss what the country needs. Just now, in a period as critical as any that the Republic has faced, we might point out that what the nation needs most is the loyal support of patriotic men and women and the confidence of those who believe in the democratic way of life.


There is no substitute for loyalty. Flag waving, public demonstrations and community-wide expressions of solidarity do not replace the faithful individual, upon whom successful government depends. As a citizen, it is essential for you to make your contribution to the United States of America.


We would hesitate to suggest, what any man, woman, or child do in the present emergency. We do not have the intelligence to outline a program for all to follow. We would modestly recommend that loyal Americans consider their present condition and the plight of   their country and make positive contribution to the common good.


Do not mislead yourself. You cannot make a positive contribution to the cause of civilization in the face of great danger without some personal sacrifice. If you have any plan in mind that enables you to escape the pressure of world conditions, you can put it aside, because it will not work. You cannot contribute at a profit.



 1985, 25 years ago


The county commission has decided to go to the State Supreme Court of Appeals in its effort to force eight oil and gas companies to divulge information about their operations in Calhoun County. The decision, made at last Saturday’s meeting, came a week after the commissioners and the assessor lost a legal round in circuit court.


At a special hearing in Spencer on Aug. 30, Judge George C. Scott ruled that the commission did not have the authority to force oil and gas operators to reveal information about property owned by third-party taxpayers, such as lease owners, to whom royalties were paid. Scott ruled that the commission could not force disclosure except when it sat as a board of equalization and review, that the assessor’s authority extended only to taxpayers subject to ad volorem taxes, and that both bodies were limited in their power to obtain information from public service corporations or utilities.


 The judge overruled a motion from the oil and gas operators to dismiss the assessor’s claim that he had the right to seek information relating to ad volorem taxes.


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