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This Week In History, 9-16-10


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1910, 100 years ago


Citizens of Brooksville and Freed were startled on Sunday afternoon by the appearance of a large balloon soaring among the clouds. Dr. Wright and other men who were on Leading Creek got close enough to the balloon to converse with the occupants. The name of the balloon was Miss Sophia, and the occupants’ names were Afman and McCullough, both of St. Louis. They had started in a race with another balloon from Indianapolis on Friday morning. They stopped for the night at Solomon Haullp’s, near Lough. The balloon was shipped to McFarlan from whence it was sent back to home on Monday.


Elmer Rhines had the misfortune of breaking his leg while prospecting for coal on the farm of Daniel Huffman, about three miles above here. He is improving and no doubt will soon be furnishing coal to citizens who are not so fortunate to have gas for domestic purposes.


1960, 50 years ago

We in the United States have enjoyed religious freedom so long, we sometimes take it for granted and fail to realize that religious liberty is something that must be constantly guarded.


In the U.S., we traditionally believe in the God-given right of religious liberty and in separation of church and state. We believe a man’s right to worship as he pleases is indisputable, and that he shall not be penalized for his convictions.


These rights include the right to worship, or not to worship, and to carry on activities in behalf of his religion, so long as he does not infringe upon the equal rights of his fellow citizens. We also believe that legislation favoring any one church is not in the best interest of either that church or the country, and therefore in the U.S. we have refrained from a church-state alliance.


Separation of church and state, and real religious liberty, is not something to be taken for granted. If the average American forgets the fight his fore-fathers made for religious liberty and equality, and neglects to protect these rights, there are those who will infringe upon them, or take them away.


 1985, 25 years ago

“Even doing simple household chores is a major task for me now,” said Alice Stough, who is recovering from an automobile accident on June 8. The door of the vehicle in which she was riding came open and she fell out onto the black top road.


She sustained a basic skull fracture, tripod fracture around the left eye, partial loss of hearing in both ears, and amnesia: “At first, I couldn’t walk without falling. I was dizzy and also couldn’t talk very well. It is still hard for me to hold my head up, and I have to rest a lot.” Doctors have told her it will take about two years for her to recover.


She is used to working from 6:30 in the morning until about 1:00 the next morning. She and husband Lee grow their own food and preserve it. Alice had been teaching a daughter at home, spinning wool, and knit-ting sweaters: “It takes me six weeks now to knit a sweater that I did in five hours before.”


Since the accident, she has kept a positive attitude and not once has she been depressed. She said, “I have a strong faith.”


Alice encourages friends, neighbors and everyone to wear seat belts. She was not wearing a seat belt on the day of the accident. She said, “I would not want anyone to go through what I have, when it can be easily prevented.”

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