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This Week In History, 8-12-10


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1910, 100 years ago


W. Fitcher and C.L. Johnson of Jacksonburg, W.Va., who were business visitors in town last week, had the following to say of our county upon their return to Parkersburg, says the Dispatch-News of Saturday morning:


“W. Fitcher and C.L. Johnson of Jacksonburg, who were visitors in Parkersburg for several days, returned to this city yesterday after a trip through several of the adjacent counties. They came here from Calhoun County, where they were given an agreeable surprise by the prosperous condition of things in general, and the apple crop in particular. Both gentlemen state that Calhoun has been much maligned, as the impression prevails in most places in West Virginia that it is the least attractive and flourishing part of the commonwealth.


“They state that in no other locality which they have visited did they become more cognizant of the horticultural, agricultural and other productions of West Virginia. As evidence that, in the course of development, it will rival the eastern panhandle counties as an apple raising center. The gentlemen exhibited an apple weighing a pound, taken from a tree bearing even larger fruit on the farm of John L. Evans of Mt. Zion, near Grantsville. All the fruit on the tree was uniformly large and excellent, and among the apples picked were several of the jumbo variety, one weighing over 17 ounces."


1960, 50 years ago

Reports from Red China indicate that the Communist Chinese may soon begin testing nuclear weapons in North Tibet. This report may be a clue to the action of the Chinese, when they invaded and occupied Tibet.


This note from the Far East is a grim one as far as the Western democracies are concerned. It has been widely believed that when China acquired nuclear weapons, she will be seriously tempted to bring about a showdown with the U.S. on Formosa.


All of this brings to mind the urgent need for some sort of world agreement on the use of nuclear weapons. France is the latest country to acquire them, China appears about ready to acquire them, and soon many other nations will have them--and certainly, unless there is some world agreement on the use of nuclear weapons, some mistake, or some hot-headed decision, could do more to arrest the progress of civilization than anything that has happened since the Dark Ages.



 1985, 25 years ago

 Minnie Hamilton Health Care Center opened for business on Monday. The new medical service for Calhoun County has temporary offices in Calhoun General Hospital.


Even as the Center’s doctor, Lannie Cesaro, and her staff began making appointments and seeing patients, work was continuing nearby on construction of a permanent building.


The temporary quarters consist of an office, a waiting room, and two examining rooms. The focus will be on family medicine to people of all ages.

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