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This Week In History, 7-8-10


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1910, 100 years ago


Miss Nellie Stump, who has been absent from our town for several months, has returned, and will spend the summer here.


Charley Curry came to town early one morning last week to lay in some supplies, and was very much excited over something, and, upon the arrival of Dr. Morford, we learned that the stork had left a nice little girl to brighten their home.


G.L. Cabot has made a location on the Harvey Bland farm on Bull River for an oil well, and work will commence as soon as the rig can be built. It is one-eighth of a mile south of the A. Westfall No. 1, and will be watched with much interest, as it is believed by some that there is an oil pool in this locality, and that this location may be better than the Westfall well.


There will be 53 Sundays this year, an occurrence that will not happen again for 110 years. This extra Sunday can be utilized in attending church, calling on your best girl, reading the scripture, playing with the children, breaking in a two-year old colt, or some other way.


1960, 50 years ago

A research project, aimed at discovering how much sense dolphins have, has produced some interesting conclusions. The dolphin is popularly known as a porpoise.


Under a research grant, Dr. John C. Lilly, a neurophysiologist and director of communications at the Research Institute in the Virgin Islands, has come up with remarkable conclusions.


Lilly claims that dolphins can talk to each other, can mimic humans, and will come to each other’s assistance in times of distress.


He said that porpoises apparently have a sense of humor, as far as humans are concerned. He raised the possibility that man might eventually learn the “language” of porpoises, and that it might be possible for a man to converse with them.


Lilly said the dolphin has a brain that is 40 percent larger than man’s, and is just as complex in its functional units. If brain size and complexity are criteria in measuring intelligence, which Lilly believes to be the case, then he says man’s position “at the top of the hierarchy” can be questioned.


It is true that dolphins have amazed man, and sailors, for hundreds of years, and have exhibited unmistakable signs of intelligence. The Navy study, measuring the intelligence of this sea mammal, which is thought to have left the land and taken to the seas several million years ago, is producing significant scientific results--though we are not sure what this has to do with defense.



 1985, 25 years ago

Paul and Garnett Parsons have been chosen as Calhoun County’s Conservation Farmers for 1985 by Little Kanawha Soil Conservation District. They own a 196-acre farm on Sycamore Road, near Millstone. They bought the farm in 1968 and moved back to Calhoun County from Indiana.


The family, including four sons and one daughter, worked hard to make a previously abandoned and rundown farm productive again. They have established a beautiful orchard, including 1,500 apple trees and miscellaneous other fruit trees, and 50 acres of productive pasture and hay land. Over the years, they have kept 20 to 30 head of beef cattle and habitually set out a few more acres of orchard each year.

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