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This Week In History, 6-17-10


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1910, 100 years ago


William Collins, fresh from the county of Wirt, has been sojourning with Sheriff Jarvis for the past week, having been brought to jail by constable Jack Starcher, upon the charge of breaking into a house and stealing a watch from Palser McCune. Bill has had lots of trouble, and has had similar charges in Wirt County on several occasions. From the evidence against him now, it is believed that he will not trouble the people of this county much more, after Judge Parsons is done with him.


Leonadis E. Hicks of Stinson has been granted a patent on a telephone system.

Last Monday night, the Harry W., a passenger packet between here and Creston, sunk while laying at the wharf of this town. The boat arrived here with a load of passengers late that evening, and while the water was at a stage of near 15 feet, they tied the boat to the bank. The river fell so fast that the bow of the boat soon rested on the bank causing it to sink. The crew worked several days before getting it raised. There was quite a bit of merchandise, etc., yet on the boat that was all badly damaged.



1960, 50 years ago

Did you ever stop and try to think of the most valuable thing on earth? Is it a diamond? Is it gold? Some say it would be power, riches, or friends.


You might think it would be love. Certainly, faith and love, which are tied closely together, are the greatest virtues, of which there are many--like unselfishness, sincerity, kindness, etc.


What is the one most valuable thing? Dismissing faith, which transcends all else, what is there left more valuable than anything else?


Time. Time is the most valuable thing you own. The amount of it you have left may depend on you.


When you waste a day, or a week, you will never recover those hours and days. They have been spent never to return, and, if you learned nothing in that time, failed to improve yourself in some way, or failed to better your position in life, you lived wastefully in that time.


In spite of man’s inventions and knowledge, he can still do little with time. Time was the subject which probably fascinated the late Albert Einstein most of all. It brings about life, causes death, makes plants and animals grow, and takes care of everything. Time will heal any wound and solve any problem, if applied in great enough measure.


If man could ever capture the secret of the ravages of time, he could prolong life, perhaps even stop the process of aging. That would definitely not be a waste of time.



 1985, 25 years ago

Sam and Jeff Facemire, co-owners of Grantsville Foodland, announced last week that plans have been completed for the renovation and expansion of the food store. Construction is expected to begin soon.


The expansion will include a new full service deli-bakery, featuring numerous everyday items, including fried chicken.


The meat, dairy, produce and frozen food departments will also be expanded.


The Facemires said that the shopping space in the grocery department will also be expanded to twice its present area. The parking lot will be enlarged to accommodate an additional 30-40 automobiles.

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