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This Week In History, 5-6-10


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1910, 100 years ago


C.E. Offutt, the progressive Rilla businessman, was in this part of the county last week. He purchased a fine young horse from Em Richards of Big Springs.


Mrs. R.P. Mollohan and two children are visiting the home of her father, L.S. Witte, near Minnora.


Charly Stump, Dr. Dye and Squire Marshall have been building fence on their land east of town.


Henry Barker, who has been attending Prof. Ferrell’s school at this place, left for his home at Trace Fork on Saturday. He will commence taking the census of Sherman District on Monday. Mr. Barker is an enterprising young man, and the Chronicle predicts success for him.


Why does a country dog want to follow his master to town? He is compelled to fight every dog along the way, doesn’t get any dinner, and has a fight with every town dog he can’t bluff. Still, every time a farmer starts to town, he is compelled to throw clods at his dog and make him go back.


1960, 50 years ago

An extra can of gasoline caused the loss of an automobile by fire last Friday morning at Big Bend.


The freak accident occurred shortly after Ira Arthur had the gasoline put into a container at a service station. He was driving on down Rt. 5, near the intersection of the Munday Road, when a dog ran out in front of his car. He swerved the car in order to miss the dog, and some of the gasoline in the container spilled out onto the exhaust of the car. It quickly ignited, and in a matter of minutes the car was completely devoured by the flames.


Arthur had been on Katy’s Road earlier and had torn his car’s muffler off, and was preparing to go to a relative’s house to put the car up on a ramp to replace it. 


 1985, 25 years ago

Over 50 people turned out on Saturday afternoon, May 4, to attend ground breaking ceremonies for the new Minnie Hamilton Health Care Center, a $342,319 facility to be built adjacent to Calhoun General Hospital.


The audience included interested citizens, town and county officials, state legislators, health care specialists, and members of the health care board.


Speakers were Marjorie Burke, member of the House of Delegates; Ann Stottlemeyer, deputy director of W.Va. Dept. of Health; Dr. James Miller, director of Mid-Ohio Valley Dept. of Health; and Katherine Bullard, administrative assistant from the Governor’s office for federal relations. Presiding at the ceremony was Randy Lowe, administrator of Minnie Hamilton Health Care Center.


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