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This Week In History, 5-20-10


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1910, 100 years ago


Asa Harris is going to move into the house now occupied by C.M. Wigner near the mill. R.P. Mollohan will move his family into the house occupied by Harris. Wigner will move into the Benny Barnes’ house on High Street.


The governor of Tennessee is plainly a great respecter of traditions, especially the one which holds that there is one kind of justice for the rich man and another for the poor man. As soon as the supreme court of his state sustained the verdict of the lower court finding Cooper guilty of helping his son murder ex-Senator Carmack, the governor pardoned Cooper. When those high in authority show their contempt of the law so glaringly as Gov. Patterson did, we should not wonder that those of lower station and uncultured mind lack reverence for our institutions.


There is a new telephone line being erected from Sinking Springs to Arnoldsburg, by way of Claria.




1960, 50 years ago

Mt. Zion was one of three top winners in the Country Life program in the Little Kanawha Regional Council area. The community will share with Washington in Wood County and Grace in Roane County the first prize award, each getting a third of $500, or $166.66 each.


The award was made for outstanding community improvement from April 1959 to March 1960. During this time, the people of Mt. Zion purchased a tract of land and have built a community park.


In addition to the big project of a community park, the Mt. Zion people were commended for their part in the sale of the old telephone system and work toward a dial system.


Another Calhoun community, Pleasant Hill, will receive a blue ribbon award, along with Reader in Wetzel County.



 1985, 25 years ago

On Apr. 30, Starling Bartlett, director of Calhoun County Community Action Program for the last dozen years, closed his office for good. As a delegate agency of West Central Community Action Association in Parkersburg, Bartlett’s CAP office was informed that West Central had been defunded by the Governor’s Office of Economic and Community Development.


West Central CAA, beset with financial problems since the beginning of last year, and unable to explain shortages in its various programs amounting to nearly $400,000, had been under investigation by the FBI and was beleaguered by creditors and threats of lawsuits.


Other Calhoun programs operating under the umbrella of West Central and affected by the crisis were foster grandparents program, regional weatherization program and job training and partnership program. The nutrition program for senior citizens had been “pulled” from West Central by Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Planning and Development Council earlier, so it will continue to operate.


On May 3, meeting in emergency session, the directors of the 10-county CAA voted to file for bankruptcy.


Almost simultaneously, Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Planning and Development Council, headed by Terry Tamburini, announced that it was picking up some of West Central’s programs on a temporary basis.


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