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This Week In History, 5-13-10


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1910, 100 years ago


Assessor R.J. Knotts came in from Sherman District on Friday evening and reports all of the work done in that district, except what he can finish in about two days. By June 1, he and his deputies will have finished their work on the 1910 assessment.


W.J. Mathews has remodeled his refreshment parlor quite a bit and it is now very inviting. He is selling ice cream and all the cold drinks on the market.


Commodore Dotson’s boat, Carrie V., departed from here on Monday afternoon with one of the largest fleets of timber that has ever been taken down the Little Kanawha, said The Parkersburg Sentinel.


The fleet consists of 60 lockages of logs, all rafted together and covering a wide expanse of water, as there were over 2,500 logs in the fleet, some of them very large, as this is considered some of the best timber that has been taken for many years.


All of this timber was purchased from Little Kanawha Log and Tie Co., extensive operators in the upper section of the river valley, the purchasers being the Ironton Lumber Co., and the logs towed to its mill.



1960, 50 years ago

The per capita income for West Virginia reached a new high of $1,599 in 1959. The 1958 per capita income was $1,512.


Thus, the average family of four in this county in 1959 had an aggregate income of $4,056. If this figure seems on the high side, the W.Va. Chamber of Commerce pointed out that its estimates include all personal income a family receives. Salaries and wages usually account for approximately 70 percent of the average family’s personal income, with 30 percent from other sources.


Personal income in Calhoun County gained 5.7 percent in the 1959 period over 1958. The total 1959 income for the county was $9,426,000, compared with $8,916,000 the previous year. This 5.7 percent increase was also the state’s average.


The per capita income in the U.S. averaged at $2,161, which puts W.Va. 26 percent below the national average. 


 1985, 25 years ago

Calhoun County’s behind schedule industrial park faced another delay last week when an arbitration hearing began in Grantsville to determine the merits of a contractor’s petition for payment of some $392,000 over his original bid for bulldozer work.


The arbitration petition was filed by David Heeter Construction Co., of Spencer, against Calhoun Development Corp., sponsors of the project. Heeter’s original bid for the earth-moving work was $484,505.25. Three other contractors submitted bids ranging from $638,400 to $683,000.


With the low bid awarded to Heeter last year, work began at the industrial park site, off Rt. 5 east of Grantsville. During the summer, Heeter, claiming that he was encountering considerably more rock than anticipated, sought additional payment from CDC and the engineers on the project, AE Associates of Charleston. His request was refused on the basis that, along with specifications and test borings provided in advance, he should have made his own additional test borings.


Additional hearing days for testimony and on-site inspection are scheduled May 13 and 20, with a possibility of a third session later.

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