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This Week In History, 4-29-10


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1910, 100 years ago


Jeff Kelley, the prosperous Philips Run farmer, is contemplating a trip to the great northwest this year. It is probable, if he likes the country there, that he will buy land and move his family there.


S.L. Stump, formerly of Big Bend, but now of Buckhannon, was a business visitor in Grantsville. His many friends will be glad to know he is prospering at his new location.


Ernest Goff of Gilmer County spent several days here trying to institute a lodge of American Protective Legion, and we understand that he wrote several insurance policies, and may organize a lodge in the near future.


The census enumerators are now at work, and the people should assist them in every possible way to obtain correct information.


Sylvester Kerby, one of Hur’s good citizens, was a pleasant caller at our office. He reports work booming in his neighborhood, principally in timber. He has just finished logging two sawmill sets for Andrew Umstead, and will likely do some more work for him in the near future.



1960, 50 years ago

A new type of vine for this area has been planted on the grounds of Calhoun General Hospital as a cover for the steep banks.


Five hundred kudzu bulbs were set out Monday morning under the direction of C.R. Wease, county court president. Volunteers from the county jail assisted in the work. The bulbs were planted over an area of several banks, and they are expected to eventually cover the banks with a lush growth of greenery to stop erosion of the soil. The plants, which develop into a quickly spreading vine, also have a white blossom to add to their beauty.


Wease also planted a row of quickly growing Chinese chestnuts on each side of the hill leading up to the hospital. He has put many hours of his own time in working on the hospital grounds, with establishment of the sturdy growth of grass on the front lawn of the building. 



 1985, 25 years ago

Over 1,800 residents of Calhoun County receive Social Security benefits, according to information recently released by the Social Security Administration.


This represents payments to about one of every 4.55 people living in the county (the Census Bureau credits Calhoun with a total population of 8,250). Total monthly payments amount to approximately $577,000.


The largest single group of Social Security beneficiaries in the county are retired workers. They, along with their eligible dependents, make up well over half the total. The average payment made to a retired worker in Calhoun County is about $379 a month.




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