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This Week In History, 4-22-10


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1910, 100 years ago


Terrible mine disasters occur almost weekly throughout the U.S. The latest occurred at Palos, Ala., on Friday, in which 180 men lost their lives.


Dr. Dye, assisted by Dr. Morford, performed a very successful operation on Will Stevens, Saturday, at Stump Hotel, amputating the second finger of the right hand. The first trouble with this finger was caused by a bone felon, which became infected with erysipelas, necessitating an amputation.


Stevens is getting along splendidly, and we sincerely hope he will soon be fully recovered from the effects of this injury from which he has suffered so long and intensely.


When a man comes home from business and sees his wife worn out, he thinks she ought to have been on Wall Street and then she would have something to worry her. He does not know that she conducts a university, a clothing establishment, a restaurant, a laundry and a library, while she is also the health officer, police and president of her residence.


1960, 50 years ago

Announcement was made of plans for a visit here Apr. 26 of Bob Kennedy, brother of Sen. John Kennedy of Massachusetts, a candidate for president.


He will speak at a banquet to be held that evening at the high school. Further plans will be announced. The dinner will be open to the public.


Bob Kennedy has served for several years as a legal counsel for a Senate committee investigating racketeers in labor and business, and is quite famous in his own right.


Grantsville is one of the few small towns of the state to have a major banquet during the primary campaign. A number of Calhoun Democrats have become interested in the campaign of Sen. Kennedy, and they requested the speaking engagement several weeks ago. Several of the Kennedy-for-President group went to Charleston on Wednesday to make arrangements for the campaign. 


 1985, 25 years ago

Consolidated Gas Transmission Corp. and Rubber Crafters of West Virginia, Inc., have reached an agreement, wherein Rubber Crafters will lease the facilities previously occupied by Consolidated’s Cabot Station.


Under the 10-year agreement, Rubber Crafters will lease 4.55 acres, including the pump house building, the boiler house and boilers, and the superintendent’s dwelling. Consolidated will retain a portion of the property for use as an area for maintenance of trucks.


The new facility at the former Cabot Station property is expected to provide approximately 20 more jobs.



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