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This Week In History, 3-4-10


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1910, 100 years ago

Col. A.J. Ott, well-known ex-Confederate soldier of this place, some time ago took up the matter of securing a pension for George W. Lyons, the blind son of the late W.W. Lyons, who was an ex-Union veteran, and placed it in the hands of Congressman Woodyard in order to have Congress to pass a special act for his relief.


Woodyard informed Ott by letter, dated last Saturday, that he had secured the passage of the measure through the Lower House, and that it had been passed up to the Senate where Sen. Scott now has the matter in hand. It seems that “Blind George” will get the relief he deserves, and the real credit for securing it will belong to an old ex-Rebel.


Watt Stump is working on Cabot’s factory at Creston. We understand he will move his family there soon.


1960, 50 years ago

After going through one snow storm after another, the point has arrived where the word “snow” is almost an unmentionable dirty word--everyone being sick and tired of it.


It turns out, there is one use for it after all. It has brought out works of some Good Samaritans who ordinarily go about their way in a very quiet manner.


One person who has done some thoughtful deeds is Jim Bell of Grantsville. He is very adept at tractor and bulldozer work. He has gone several times to Calhoun General Hospital and donated his time clearing off driveways and parking areas. 



 1985, 25 years ago

Due to bad weather, county schools have been forced to close more days than is normal.


According to superintendent of schools Ron Blankenship, eight days of instruction were missed so far, leaving the county school system short of the state required 178 days of instruction, and with a budget of 200 paid days per year for teachers, makeup will be difficult indeed.


 The plan is to convert four non-instructional days in the school calendar to pupil instruction. These days, set aside for teachers and administrators to handle other school related matters, would still leave a deficit of two days instruction.


Blankenship will bring before board members this plan of conversion, which would set the closing date for school as either June 7 or 11, depending on where and how scheduling changes are made.


The two-day shortfall on state requirements will still remain, due to a lack of money.

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