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This Week In History, 3-18-10


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1910, 100 years ago


J.V. McMahen of Standard Oil Co., was here to see T.R. Stump relative to securing right-of-way through a tract of land that Stump owns on the route of the proposed Elk and Kanawha railroad, which penetrates the rich timber and coal fields of the Upper Steer Creek valley.


McMahen had no trouble securing the right-of-way, and the transfer was made and paid in short order. The road will be a narrow gauge common carrier, running from Gassaway to some point on Steer Creek, and the principal object of its building will be to transport the timber from the 35,000-acre Bennett tract now owned by Standard.


It is thought that the road will be completed to Rosedale this year, and as far as the mouth of Bear Fork next year. That part of the country promises to supply many men with work this year, and for years to come. Standard will build a barrel factory at Gassaway, which will supply many men with the construction of this railroad and the work of getting out this vast amount of timber.



1960, 50 years ago

Can you imagine all the chaos that would arise if the person receiving the most votes for president on Nov. 8 was actually not the person elected to office?


It has happened before and it can happen again.


Why? Because in the U.S. we have such an out-of-date institution as the electoral college. We voters do not really elect a president. We merely elect certain presidential electors, and they in turn elect the president.


These electors are proportioned to the states according to the number of representatives in Congress. This might work out very well if each Congressional district contained somewhere near the same number of people. This is not the case. Shifting populations make this impossible, together with reluctance of politicians to redistrict the country as it is needed. A vote for president should count the same whether in West Virginia or California. Unfortunately, this is not so. Some voters are shortchanged.


The question of abolition of the electoral college was raised last week in the Letter Box of this newspaper by eighth grade history students. We believe that our readers should give this question their attention. 



 1985, 25 years ago

Community Action Association, the Senior Citizen nutrition site and the Foster Grandparents program are feeling the backlash of a financial crises that has virtually immobilized their parent agency, West Central Community Action Association, Parkersburg.


Starling Bartlett was the only CAA employee who reported to work on Monday. His six salaried staff workers had been “laid off.” After a meeting of West Central’s 10-county board, about 75 employees in the main offices were laid off. Bartlett will run the CAA office alone for the next 30 days.


At the Nutrition Site, about 50 seniors were served, but the three salaried staff workers were unsure of their jobs because of WCCAA’s financial problems.


The State Commission on Aging had taken the nutrition program away from West Central and turned it over to the Area Agency on Aging for administration. All salaried employees of the nutrition programs had been laid off by West Central and told they were eligible for unemployment insurance.

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