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This Week In History, 2-4-10


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1910, 100 years ago


Dr. John Korkrean is kept busy these days being the only physician at this place, who is able for duty.


S.I. Stump, the clever Normantown landlord, called at our office on Tuesday. He reports that excellent community quiet and peaceable, with a little foxhunting on the side. He also reports the presence of a large eagle in the vicinity, which is attracting considerable attention.


Honorable Mical J. Haverty, the real estate man from the upper end of the county, was in attendance at the delinquent land sales on Monday, and to say that he was busy is putting it all-together too mildly.


M.W. Hoskins, the Arnoldsburg merchant, was a business visitor in town. He now has a store in Spencer, and with the duties he has to attend to at Arnoldsburg, he is very busy.


County clerk McClung paid in to the general county fund $258.92 at last week’s session of county court, this being the 15 percent penalty provided for him by the legislature for permitting his annual fees to run over $2,000.


The total amount of the receipts of his office for the year was $2,273.49.



1960, 50 years ago

We were amused the other day to note where Gov. Nelson Rockefeller was quoted as having said that “the chief problem of low income farmers is poverty.” Other editors have commented on that, and possibly better than we, and this is reminiscent of Calvin Coolidge’s gems of wisdom.


For example, one editor recalled that Calvin Coolidge had once said: “When people are out of work, unemployment results.” Needless to say, this is not and was not the genius of the century.


All of which brings us around to the plain fact that 1960 is an election year. As a result, we can expect a constant blast of political gobbledygook, and even some significant political pronouncements. In fact, many of the speeches by certain individuals in Congress will be edited for public consumption, to a greater degree than usual, because of the presidential race this year.



 1985, 25 years ago

Hummingbirds, attracted by the “Red Snap R” insulators used on electric fences, are being electrocuted. It was discovered that northern orioles are also attracted to the insula­tors and summarily dispatched.


There is good news. North Central Plastics, Inc., the nation’s largest manufacturer of electrical fencing systems, announced that it will change the color of the “Red Snap R” insulators.


“The decision to discontinue the red color is two-fold,” said Howard Langlie, president of the firm. “We are concerned about our environment and strive to be responsive to our customers.” Landowners are being asked to paint insulators black where “Red Snap R’s” are still in use.


Particularly in the spring and fall, many have experienced songbirds flying repeatedly into picture windows. Apparently, the birds mistake their reflections for other birds and attack in defense of their territories. To others, a clear picture window may appear to be an open space through which to fly.

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