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This Week In History, 12-16-10


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1910, 100 years ago


Watson Elliott returned from Latonia, Ky., where he had been buying some running horses. He has a classy string now, and expects to take some blue ribbons next season.


Grant Hickman and son have a blacksmith shop on Court St. in the old Patterson stand, and they ask for a share of your patronage. Work is guaranteed.


Gay Stalnaker was in town on Friday looking as fine as a Kentucky Colonel. He is teaching school, and his ability as a teacher is in class A.


Jerome Hardman and Oke Gainer have their broom corn moved from the fair grounds to town, and will soon commence making brooms.


Three thousand patents have been issued on aviation devices since the flying craze began. The bureau at Washington is handling an average of about 90 applications for patents every month.


A pair of $100 silk stockings is setting the fashionable denizens of Newport crazy. The sight of a well filled 15¢ pair does the work for the male population everywhere else.


Charley Frashure was in town on Sunday, enroute for Parkersburg, whence he will go to Beverly where he will move his family in a few weeks.



1960, 50 years ago

An unofficial count of 45 has been made in last week’s six-day deer season in Calhoun County.


Conservation officer Marvin Lewis listed the names of 45 successful hunters checking in their kills in the county, and said that it was possible that there might have been a few more that had been checked in other adjoining counties.


Three arrests were made last week in the county during the deer season. All three were convicted of possession of deer meat, the deer not having been officially tagged. Each was fined $100 and costs.


 1985, 25 years ago


Voras Haynes, who attended elementary and high school in Calhoun County, and later came back to serve as county agent, was honored as the Outstanding County Agent in West Virginia for 1985 at a recognition lunch on Oct. 31 at Canaan Valley.


A son of Lloyd E. and Lillie Haynes, Voras was about seven years old when his family moved to Grantsville and entered him in the second grade here. Following graduation from Calhoun County High School, he went to WVU, where he majored in agriculture.


During the 1970s, he took the lead in helping revive the declining Randolph-Tucker Live-stock Marketing Association’s Elkins Stockyard. At that time, the stockyard had six involved producers. Over the years, it has grown to include some 35 active producers. Haynes served as co-manager until 1979 and was manager until 1981, when the auction was sold to a private operator.


Haynes has been active as a member, advisor or consultant to approximately 20 agricultural, government and civic groups.


In recognition of the honor bestowed on him at the Canaan Valley meeting of some 260 Extension staff workers, Haynes was presented a plaque by state commissioner of agriculture Gus Douglas.

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