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This Week In History, 10-21-10


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1910, 100 years ago


“Uncle Bill” Stalnaker returned last Thursday from Parkersburg where he had been attending the wedding of his daughter, Jennie, to Foster Murdy. He was also in attendance at the bedside of his daughter, Dica, who has had typhoid fever. We are glad to know that she is so far recovered as to be removed from the hospital, and will soon be able to resume her work.


Miss Alma Dulin, one of the best “Hello Girls” in West Virginia, has resumed her work in the L.K. office after a highly deserved fortnight’s rest.


Ray V. Hennen, assistant state geologist, was registered at the Home Hotel on Thursday. He is making a report on the mineral resources of Roane and Calhoun counties, and was here to procure additional data before the work is sent to the printer.


Mrs. W.F. Gherke, an estimable and highly respected lady of Dodrill, died Saturday of typhoid fever. Her son recently died of the same disease. Bereaved family and friends have the sympathy of the entire com-munity in their great sorrow.


Fireman H.R. Parsons, whose home is at Ripley and who has been employed on the RS&G branch of the Ohio River Division, was instantly killed at Reedy on Saturday evening. The freight train which Parsons was running was engaged at that point to switching, and while this was in progress he was leaning out of the cab window, and he was struck by a car on the siding and his neck was broken. He was taken to his home at Ripley. The unfortunate young man was unmarried.



1960, 50 years ago

Practically every speaker, including those on the air and behind the pulpit, and many of the columnists, are advertising the crises at hand for humanity.


“This is a day of great decisions,” they assert, almost in unison, and upon the decisions we make, they say, rests the hope of humanity for years to come. The general idea seems to be to excite the emotions of readers and listeners, and thus persuade them to “unselfish action,” which it is suspected, they will not accept on the basis of intelligent argument.


While the people of the world do face great difficulties at the present time, there is no reason to believe that they are insurmountable or unsurpassed in magnitude. Nearly every generation has heard the same arguments advanced, as men and women battle for aims.


So far, the human race has refused to commit suicide. It possesses greater stability than some would have you believe. Civilization, despite crises--real and imagined--continues to spread throughout the earth, and men and women seem to make progress toward the goal of being better human beings.


 1985, 25 years ago

Anybody who is interested in birds knows that there are many different species in Calhoun. Thanks to the efforts of two experienced bird watchers, Tom Fox and Mike Mills, we have some reliable statistics. They have observed at least 89 species that probably nest in the county, and an additional 42 that spend some time here.


Fox and Mills have been life-long birdwatchers. Starting last March, they volunteered to work on the W.Va. Breeding Atlas Project.

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