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This Week In History, 10-14-10


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1910, 100 years ago


M.H. Hardman and Son, the Maplewood stockmen, have sold from their farm over $12,000 worth of cattle this year. It has been a red-letter year for the firm and we are glad of it.


The real tang of fall is in the air. Everybody is full of the joy of life. The men who love the whirr of birds, the bark of guns and the delights of the hunting field are getting ready for the joy that is theirs. If the game laws of the state were modified enough to allow an ordinary man to go hunting and stay out of jail, there would be very little lacking to make this the happiest time of the year.


We are informed by a prominent business man of our town that negotiations are under way for the establishment of a large tobacco packing warehouse in Elizabeth. This will be a fine thing for our community, and we are glad that we will not have to ship our crop to Parkersburg.


1960, 50 years ago

This is the season for polls--predicting the winner of the various elections. In thinking of popularity polls involving candidates, one automatically recalls 1948, when all polls predicted Thomas E. Dewey would defeat Harry S Truman.


In 1948, polls were wrong. It seems that the polls succumb to the fever that sometimes affects delegates and other politicians--the bandwagon fever.


In 1948, some of the polls hedged at the end of the campaign, claiming that President Truman was coming up fast in the last days. Since that time, we have noticed that the polls hedge, in similar ways, on many important elections.


Truman did not win the 1948 election by coming up fast in the last few days--and political polls are not nearly as accurate as some people assume they are.


A recent test showed that one famous poll had announced results in a state after contacting less than 100 persons. According to the pollsters, these 100 represented a typical sampling of public opinion in that state.


This typical sampling cannot possibly be accurate in every case, since the sentiments of millions of people cannot be judged by a typical sample of 100. Their typical sample may be right more than half of the time, but it will be wrong quite often, and the polls are, likewise, wrong quite often.


The lesson for all of us in this election year is that political polls do not mean too much. If the polls are close, as they are likely to be, they can be taken with a grain of salt--until the returns are in come November, and actual results are known.



 1985, 25 years ago

The management and stock-holders of Calhoun Super Ser-vice, Inc., Grantsville, announced on Tuesday that they were resigning their franchise to sell and service Ford Motor Co. automobiles.


Word was not immediately available as to a possible successor. A spokesman for Super Service said that decision would be made by Ford.


Super Service has an inventory of 1985 Ford automobiles on hand and the firm will sell those, along with a stock of used cars and trucks. All warranties will be honored for a limited time, the spokesman said. Additionally, the repair shop will remain open as will the parts department.


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