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This Week In History, 1-14-10


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1910, 100 years ago


To the editor, Calhoun Chronicle.


It seems that the press of this state has taken delight in the publication of a report concerning myself being implicated in the manufacture and sale of Moonshine whiskey. I want to say that the report is without foundation and was manufactured by some of Satan’s Hell-Hounds who had not the courage to tell the truth, but will sneak behind the government to do their Hellish dirty work or have the government officials to believe that someone is violating the revenue laws. It seems that the press is not as ready to vindicate a man when the court says he is not guilty as they are to condemn him. I appeared before the U.S. Commissioners at Sutton and not one of those infernal imps appeared. The government officials exhausted every source of information they could find and could not even prove a suspicion. I defy the world to prove by truthful witnesses that I ever sold a drop of whiskey outside the regular drug line usually sold in grocery stores. I never seen a still; could not describe one and do not want to see one. I am opposed to the use of spirituous liquors in any form. I verily believe that the traffic in liquor to be an illegitimate business. If my friends and my own people will consider for one moment they would know that it would ruin my business, ruin my reputation as a law abiding citizen, and lower me to the same level as the drunkard. Sincerely, W.L. Stump.


1960, 50 years ago

One of the biggest timbering jobs in Calhoun has been started in the Bee Creek section. Covering a very large tract of land, it is expected that it will take eight years to cut, bringing with it a boost to the economy.


Hughart Stump of Apple Farm bought a tract of about 1,299 acres from the estate of the late A. Hardman. Estimates have been made by timber men that it will contain some seven million feet of timber, and some estimates have placed this at an even higher figure. Stump said that he had spent eight days going over the tract and had yet to see nearly all of it.


The large tract has not been cut for more than 50 years. It contains all kinds of timber, both hard and soft woods. The tract is almost three miles long, and runs from Joker ridge to the Little Kanawha River. Stump said that he was undecided as to what the tract would be used for once the timber of useable size had been cut, but he is considering, among others, turning part of it into a game preserve.



 1985, 25 years ago

West Virginia anglers caught five state record fish in 1984, according to the State Wildlife Resources Division.


Four record golden trout were caught during March. The first record was reported by Wayne Maynard of Huntington, a 4.8 lb., 22.5 from the South Branch of the Potomac River. A 5.31 lb., 21.5 inch was landed from the North Fork of the South Branch by Phillip Moreland of Ridgeley.


Stanley A. Simmons of Upper Tract reported a 5.5 lb., 21.5 inch he had caught from the South Branch. Eric Wheeler of Cherry Grove caught a 5.56 lb., 22 inch from the Greenbrier River in Pocahontas County.


Rickey A. Baire of Charleston landed a 48.5 inch, 14.56 lb. longnose gar from the Kanawha River in Kanawha County on Aug. 5, surpassing the length record set in 1975.


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