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This Week In History, 1-21-10


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1910, 100 years ago


C.C. Starcher is getting the “Clarence” ready to take advantage of the first raise in the river.


Bob Hamilton is out with a petition requesting “Uncle Bill” Stalnaker to put a muffler on his hog.


S.S. Patterson, Grantsville’s popular blacksmith, is doing lots of work these days. The sound of his anvil can be heard early and late.


The heavy snow, which fell during the first of last week, afforded young people of our town great pleasure in the way of sleigh riding.


Hardman and Gainers broom factory is again in operation after a delay caused by a shipment of handles being held up in the ice down the river.


The contract for keeping the county infirmary for the ensuing year was awarded to M.W. Trippett, the present agent, at the price of $225. There were four applicants for the position. The bids of three were exactly the same, $225; the fourth was $220. The court is allowed considerable discretion in the matter, and, for the sum of $5, it was thought best not to oust Mr. Trippett from the job.


1960, 50 years ago

Calhoun General Hospital admitted its 194th patient Tuesday afternoon, and has treated 343 persons in the emergency room since opening three months ago.


The hospital is a very busy place, with patients sometimes bedded down out in the hall. Tuesday was a big day for the maternity section, as the second set of twins arrived in a three-month period, making a total of 21 deliveries so far. For the second time, all three incubators are in use at the same time. The twins, a boy and a girl, were born to Mr. and Mrs. Hayward Weaver of Grantsville.


There have been 35 operations performed in the three- month period. The lab has been another busy place, as there have been 346 tests done for out-patients, and 595 tests for in-patients, making a grand total of 941. There have been 195 X-rays made.


Even with all the patient load, there have been only five deaths in the hospital.



 1985, 25 years ago

“The snow is blowing, the wind is blowing, watch those icicles form, I can’t even get out to the barn, how can I keep my water pipes warm?”


Our sincerest apologies to  the lyricist of “I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm,” but for the weekend of Jan. 18, 1985, dismal weather conditions in “Sunny Cal” left much to    be desired. Snow and ice     were followed by dangerously low temperatures for the weekend.


Many back roads had not been cleared for the better part of two weeks. As soon as snow removal crews finished with one area, along came more snow, with below freezing temperatures for most nights.


Readings of minus eight to 12 degrees F. were the norm for wee hours of Sunday morning. Vehicles that had been parked the day or night before turned sullen, refusing to start for disgruntled drivers. Brakes froze solid and ice cold engines groaned and whined before giving up the ghost.


Tires became welded to the rock-hard ground. Tire chains refused to behave properly for numb-fingered motorists. Weather forecasters gave little hope for warmth, as pools of mercury refused to start that long journey upward in thin glass columns.


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