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This Week In History, 9-3-09


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1909, 100 years ago


T.J. Postalwait of Stinson has returned from North Carolina, where he went some time ago for his health. He is considerably better and will move his family to that state next fall.


Bert Shaffer, gauge man for Standard Oil Co., has moved his family into the Ira Stump house in this town and will make his home here. We are glad to welcome them, and hope their stay here will be permanent.


Notice has been given that Sheriff R.J. Knotts will assess Washington, Sherman and Sheridan districts, and deputies R.L. Hamilton and George Hays will assess Center and Lee districts. Be sure to have your dollar for the head tax and another dollar for the road tax ready when he calls on you.


“Scripture Jake” Bennett, highly respected citizen of Middle Run, died last week of diseases incident to old age.



1959, 50 years ago

For many years, American tourists have dreamed of driving from the U.S. down to Panama, or even further south. There has been widespread publicity about the much heralded Pan American highway.


Two American Automobile Association experts reported that the drive, even as far as Panama, was not recommended, and that it was not worth the hardships, expense and annoyances. They were well acquainted with the route for they had begun a journey in February, southward to Panama, having arrived after many grim battles.


Even before leaving Mexico, a tourist who would drive south along the Pan American highway must cross a number of streams where there are no bridges.


Into Guatemala, and on to El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rico, etc., various other difficulties are encountered. Some of the new highways are deteriorating rapidly. The climax comes when one gets within 134 miles of the Panamanian border, where the road suddenly stops.


This road was supposed to have been built in time for the opening of the highway this year, but 39 bridges are still to be built, and it is not open. Thus we are sorry to say, the Pan American highway is still a farce. It is a poor commentary on the foresight, planning, and efficiency of our Central American neighbors to the south.



 1984, 25 years ago

Despite favorable recommendations by school superintendent Ron Blankenship, the five-member board of education turned down requests for salary supplements for county principals and elementary school coaches when the board met last Tuesday.


Blankenship’s memo regarding the pay supplements noted that elementary coaches were presently receiving $100 per month, or an average of $250 for each sport coached (football, wrestling, boys and girls basketball and baseball). He recommended that the supplement be increased by $50, which would add an annual increase of $200 for those who coached four sports.


Although no mention was made of the board’s recent approval of pay supplements for most of the high school coaching staff, board member Phil Hickman said that he was opposed to an increase at this time.


Andrew Molessa moved to approve the supplements. In the absence of a second, board president Lyle Kerby ruled that the motion had failed.


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