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This Week In History, 9-17-09


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1909, 100 years ago


R.E. Hays, C.C. Starcher, J.T. Waldo, A.G. Miller and others left Monday to go to a camp on Bear Fork where they will spend three weeks squirrel hunting.


None but the initiated knows the accuracy required in a printed publication. The average reader who detects a misspelled word or a letter upside down feels that his mission on earth is not accomplished until he has called the attention of the overworked editor to this glaring defect. He does not notice the thousands and tens of thousands of letters that are in place, or the multitude of words that are correctly spelled, but his eagle eye is glued on the one that is out of place. So it is with our deeds. Man does a thousand good deeds and no attention is paid to him, but if he makes one mistake, it is telegraphed all over the world. A lifetime may be spent building up a reputation that may be wrecked in a moment. The world is a harsh critic, exacting to a fault.


The editor of the Chronicle has been with the Bear Fork Hunting Club for the past week or so and the office devil has been in charge during his absence. So, if any of our utterances have offended anyone, we hope they will wait until the editor comes home and lick him, not the devil.



1959, 50 years ago

The television networks have put up large sums of money to finance an organization that is supposed to combat the growing attacks on television. The attacks center around the theme that TV is bogged in mediocrity.


The networks claim that this is not so, and that television must contain a variety of programming--to meet the wishes of all segments of the population. They hope to counter some of the criticism with the new organization, although it is specifically stated that criticism often serves a purpose, and that the object of the new organization is not to discourage constructive criticism.


Of course, there is some merit on both sides in the controversy. Anyone who likes sports, for example, will readily concede that television has filled a wonderful spot in bringing to the far away fan the tennis championships, golf tournaments, bowl games, World Series, boxing matches, etc.


On the other side of the question is the charge of mediocrity in the many dramas which fill the airwaves at night. There are those who believe that the current fare is what Mr. and Mrs. John Doe desire. Others think that an approach pitched to a higher intellectual average would not only be appreciated, but enthusiastically welcomed and supported by the vast majority of the viewing public.


We have never been convinced that presentations could not be both educational and entertaining or inspiring and entertaining at the same time. The usual crime portrayal, or the over-emphasis on moral rot and sleazy plots, while possibly entertaining, are not necessarily the best entertainment.


 1984, 25 years ago

Local members of Communication Workers of America are on strike against Citizens Telephone Co. in a dispute involving wages, benefits, and the lack of a new contract.


The present contract, which expired Sept. 19, had no extension date. White collar company workers are manning the service trucks and taking telephone system trouble calls.

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