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This Week In History, 7-9-09


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1909, 100 years ago

West Virginia produced nine and one half million barrels of crude oil last year. She is next to Texas among the oil producing states of the South, the Lone Star State leading with 12 million barrels. This interesting fact is brought out in a report of the U.S. geological survey.


Mr. and Mrs. Fred Pell will have a boarding house, or tent, on Ann’s Run, near Creston, this summer for workers on the oil well to be drilled there. Lou Bickel, Fred Pell and Era Stump will work on the well.


Supt. J.G. Oles is pushing the work on his gasoline boat, and will have it ready to run before many weeks.



1959, 50 years ago

Monkeys Able and Baker recently were flown some 1,500 miles through space, at altitudes ranging up to 300 miles. The speeds traveled were up to 10,000 miles per hour.


Although this event was not of such vast importance as was generally accorded it in the press, the performance is confirmation that man can live in the nose cone of a rocket, or another enclosed capsule or cylinder, and may be considered, therefore, of significant value.


Scientists have long thought that both men and monkeys could live in such conditions, and it had not been thought by many that “weightlessness” would produce any ill effects on the body.

Before too many years, we predict, people will be shooting around in space, just as we do today in airplanes, and just as people said--many years ago--that if God had intended people to fly, He would have given them wings, there will be those who refuse to participate in rocket travel. It is soon to be here, to stay, and it could conceivably be a well established pattern of travel in 10 or 15 years.


 1984, 25 years ago


A public hearing ordered by the Health Care Review Authority for Thursday, July 12, in the little courtroom of the courthouse, has been cancelled. Robert Baer, administrator of Calhoun General Hospital, telephoned from Charleston on Tuesday afternoon, as the paper was going to press, to report the cancellation.


Baer, along with comptroller Roger Jarvis and attorney Charles Phalen, who is special counsel for the hospital’s board of trustees, met on July 11 with William Gilligan, hearing officer of the Health Care Review Authority, for a pre-hearing conference.


The public hearing had initially been scheduled for the purpose of considering the reasons for a rate increase instituted by the hospital in June.


Based on information supplied by Baer, Jarvis and Phalen, Gilligan authorized them to cancel Thursday’s meeting and stated he would recommend to the Health Care Cost Review Authority that the new rates be allowed retroactive to June 15, 1984.

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