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This Week In History, 7-30-09


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1909, 100 years ago


The editor visited the bridge below Arnoldsburg last week and found it to be a first class piece of work and something we can all feel proud of. The next one will be at Grantsville and we hope that there will soon be heard the clinking of mason’s tools on the stone work.


The Fogle house has undergone considerable improvements, and is a much better looking hotel now. The mineral well is attracting considerable attention and this popular hostelry is doing a thriving business.


We have heard that a new canning factory will be built at Altizer by the Messrs. Hickman.



1959, 50 years ago

U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Civil Aeronautics Administration, has awarded Air Agency certificate No. 4143, authorizing Rubber Fabricators, Inc., of Grantsville, to operate an approved repair station for limited emergency equipment overhaul and repair of life rafts and vests.


Robert L. Schnurr, Leno Ash and Arthur F. King of the local plant have been awarded certificates as repairmen by the CAA, with an Air Agency certificate going to Rubber Fabricators.


An investigation was made by Civil Aeronautics authorities prior to making the award to determine that the facilities and personnel were adequate. This repair station is under the supervision of C.L. Wilson of the Federal Aviation Agency in Charleston, and inspection of Rubber Fabricators will be made every 60 to 90 days by the agency’s T. Johnson, maintenance inspector.


 1984, 25 years ago

For the first time in a few years, Grantsville had a full-fledged tennis tournament under the sponsorship of the Little Kanawha Tennis Club. Singles, mixed doubles and men’s doubles were fought out on the Grantsville tennis court from July 15-22, with winners in each category collecting trophies. As the tournament wrapped up, Roger Jarvis, treasurer of the club, announced that a women’s tournament was being planned for August and there would be another round of contests in September.


Bob Bailey won first place in the singles, with Roger Bush second and Roger Jarvis third. In mixed doubles, Juanito and Gina Aya-ay were first, with Mark Krugman and Brenda Gherke second and Ben and Gigi Sol third. In men’s doubles, Spencer residents Roy Hildreth and Dave Ferguson took first, with Bob Bailey and Jim Morford second and Lyle Kerby and Mike Mills third.


Jarvis said that the money earned on the tournament would eventually be used to pay for resurfacing of the tennis courts. When the club was organized about eight years ago, it paid for the original surfacing and the installation of lighting. For a few years, the club was inactive because of insufficient players for a tournament, but Jarvis was hopeful that a full schedule of events could be anticipated.


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